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Gigi Dolin isn’t the only wrestler to spoil face on NXT

JD McDonagh Twitter

The damage done to Gigi Dolin (possibly as a result of a collective misunderstanding of how hinges work) in the February 7 NXT closing angle was a huge topic of conversation on the wrestling network this week.

But another surprising moment from Tuesday’s show also resulted in an injury. Ilja Dragunov is back for the first time since last October, looking for revenge on old NXT UK rival JD McDonagh. Dragunov was written off – likely because he was one of several international talents across the company who were dealing with visa issues – when McDonagh refused to issue a post-match comment. So he showed up to make sure the Irish ace lost to Carmelo Hayes, then punched him in the face.

McDonagh points out that this movement detached his retina, an injury that will see him sidelined for the next two weeks.

It’s possible that the injury could have occurred elsewhere and only JD can nail the cause, but given the location, I don’t doubt Mad Russian’s diving strike could have ripped off his retina.

It doesn’t matter. It certainly looks like this long-running feud will resume once McDonagh is ready.

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