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Gunter is the tallest Intercontinental Champion of the century

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We have been huge fans of the great Austrian known as Gunther since he was WALTER. It’s been great seeing Gunther receive one of the best payouts in recent memory smack downEspecially after he had to go through a rather rough start to his WWE career.

The final stage of Der Ring General’s rise was his stint as Intercontinental Champion. Since winning the belt last year, Triple H has lifted both Gunther and the title with his reign. The leader of the Dethroning Imperium will be a huge feather in the cap for whoever ultimately pulls off the feat, and the world of fans eager to see who cuts Gunther next will be as big as ever.

Topics for another day, however. For now, we need to acknowledge Gunter’s latest milestone. Yesterday (February 9), WWE shared that by hitting more than 245 days with the belt, Gunther’s has surpassed Shinsuke Nakamura (201), Randy Orton (209), Cody Rhodes (233), and Shelton Benjamin (244).

“This Century” sounds bad – and it’s more than half of WWE Intercontinental history. But the 20 years that have been in the 20th century have given us five longer reigns than Gunther: The Rock (264), Mr. Perfect (280), Greg Valentine (285), Randy Savage (414), and The Honky Tonk Man (454).

Will our man pass any or all of these? We’ll start to find out after we’ve identified his next challenger smack down Tonight. No matter when this reign ends, this reign has played a huge role in establishing Gunther as one of the best guys in WWE – and hopefully it lasts for a long time.

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