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Gunther’s next victim will earn their fate next Friday

There is a lot of speculation as to who will face WWE Intercontinental Champion Gunther WrestleMania 39. Will it be the first of his many hopeful matches at Showcase of the Immortals against Brock Lesnar? both of them Banger Bros Seamus and Drew McIntyre?

Perhaps we’ll know more after the next defense of the Ring General title. Gunther has been averaging about one a month since winning the belt from Ricochet over 239 days ago, so it’s time to see who takes the breather in February.

smack down It was announced that one of the four men – Rey Mysterio, Carrion Cross, Santos Escobar or Madcap Moss – would win the right to be Gunter’s next victim on the February 10th episode.

Mysterio is currently building a feud with his son, Dominik. Dom will be looking for redemption after his old man took out his son’s NASCAR team at the Los Angeles Coliseum last week, so taking Ray out before or during this match would cement their story and save the legend from getting hit the size of Austria before a big hit. WrestleMania match. Or they could get Mysterio’s biggest win next week and then have Dom take him out before the title match itself.

The odds you give the other three men will likely depend on how you think WWE management currently values ​​them. Triple H seems to love Escobar… does he love him enough that he won’t book him as fodder for Gunther? Kross stock doesn’t seem to be going up these days. Moss has had his supporters in the past, but we’ve seen no signs that the current regime sees him as anything more than a middle hand. Carrion, Madcap and their ladies have spent the past two months feuding… will they cancel each other out, or will Moose finally get a televised win over Cross, whatever dubious prize might be a match with Gunther?

We’ll find out next Friday, when we’ll also see if AWOL Jey Uso shows up to defend the SmackDown Tag Titles with his brother against Braun Strowman & Ricochet.

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