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Hadi Choopan Won 2022 Mr. Olympia

Saturday night at the Olympia is the biggest night of the year for bodybuilding fans, and the Zappos Theater in Las Vegas, Nevada provided plenty of memories that will last long after the sold-out crowd has gone home. History was made on many levels in many divisions, Three out of four titles were changed tonight, which is far from the norm in bodybuilding. Here’s a quick look at how all of Saturday night’s action went down.

The New Mr. Olympia

Bodybuilding has a new world champion, and his name is King Choopan! Choopan won 58th G. Olympia, and the 17th person in history to win the title. In addition to the Sandow Trophy and gold medal, he won $400,000 for his efforts.

The finals came down to five men – Choopan, Derek Lunsford, Nick Walker, Brandon Curry, and now former champion Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay. That was also the order of the top five for the night. The two former Olympia champions finished in the bottom of the top five while Walker, Lunsford, and Choopan clearly represent a new generation of the sport’s elite.

Walker was also announced as the 2022 People’s Champion, earning him a championship belt. Among those in attendance were actor Michael Jai White and magician Criss Angel. They, along with the rest of the sold-out crowd, were shocked when the winner was announced.

Mr. Olympia top 10

winner: Hadi Choopan

Runner-up: Derek Lunsford

3: Nick Walker

4: Brandon Curry

5: Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay

6: Samson David

7: Hunter Labrada

8: Andrew Jacked

9: William Bonac

10: Rafael Brandao

New Bikini Champ too

Choopan is not the only one who won a trophy for the first time. The new Ms. Bikini Olympia is Maureen Blanquisco, who pulled off the upset over the weekend by defeating the 2021 winner, Jennifer Dorie. Three-time winner Ashley Kaltwasser finished the show in third place. It was the second win of 2022 for Blanquisco, who also won the Boston Pro in March.

New Champion of Men’s Health

The Men’s Physique field is the largest in history with 68 men in the field. As many expected, the final two standings were three-time defending Men’s Physique Olympia champion Brandon Hendrickson and Erin Banks. To the surprise of the crowd, Banks celebrated the moment as the new champion, and she is now the fifth champion since the competition began in 2013.

C-Bum wins the Fourth Classic Physique Olympia Title

The only champion of the night to successfully defend his title was Chris Bumstead, who held off a strong challenge from Ramon Rocha Querioz to win number four, and he’s committed to going at least number five if not higher. yet. There were rumors that Bumstead might retire, but he clearly denied it during his speech.

Among other moments that came out of the night included Criss Angel’s announcement of a charity for his son. Olympia owner Jake Wood and IFBB Pro League President Jim Manion donated $25,000 each to the cause. And Wheelchair Olympia winner Harold Kelley, who won his fifth title Saturday afternoon, also posed for spectators to celebrate his victory earlier in the day.

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