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Hangman Page appears to have switched to non-alcoholic beer

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Don’t have time to catch up on all the AEW content online? do not worry. We’ve got you covered with AEW Rewind, which will take you back through social media and YouTube videos from the past week to prepare you for Wednesday night. dynamite.

This week’s “The Road To” featured The Hangman Page vs. Jon Moxley in a grudge match, Bryan Danielson vs. Konosuke Takeshita in Danielson’s journey to earning a world title against MJF, Jamie Hayter vs. DMD Brett Baker vs. Saraya & Toni Storm, and Jungle Boy & Hook vs. Lee Moriarty and Big Bill Morrissey.

Hangman and Moxley engage in nonsense in the edited video package. Cowboy is tough but stupid, Moxley thinks, too stupid to quit considering he took a beating last time. Mox will make sure the page does not get up again. Executioner felt his pride was on the line to prove to himself that he could still win at the highest levels in AEW.

There was a minor detail in the video indicating that the executioner drank non-alcoholic beer. It seemed to focus on a point that we should notice. When the executioner was asked about his health, he gave a deceitful expression, saying that he felt good. Then the cowboy took a big swig of the soft drink. This made me wonder why AEW would make it a destination of choice in foam. A little research brought me to this quotes, “The National Library of Medicine’s MedlinePlus recommends that people with concussions not drink alcohol until they have fully recovered, because alcohol may slow how quickly a person recovers from a traumatic brain injury, as well as increase the chance of another injury.” That should show that Hangman isn’t as confident about his recovery as he claims, which could become a problem during the fight with Moxley. We’ll have to see how that plays out.

For the other “Road To” recap, Danielson poked fun at the notion that weekly wrestling is punishment. live for it. On the other hand, the MJF does as little work as possible. Danielson is strongly motivated to strip MJF of everything he deems valuable. Hayter and Baker see themselves as representing AEW’s homegrown talent. AEW was not their backup option after other plans failed. They’re in AEW because they want to be. Saraya has spoken positively about the female talent in AEW. They aim to raise, expand and improve the department. Last on the list, Hawkeye speaks!

Jeff Jarrett is not happy with referee Aubrey Edwards for sticking her nose to his business twice in losing tag team title matches. He even made up a wanted poster as a warning.

Jarrett even shot a good zinger at Edwards over the news that she had enrolled in college for further higher education.

Chris Jericho and JAS have made the rounds in Los Angeles by appearing at the PWG Battle of Los Angeles event as well as participating in hockey. yarn!

Perro Peligroso rolls his R in an interview with Lexy Nair after his win frenzy. This was the first win of many for Preston Vance.

Touching interesting nuggets from Height And darkBandido got a solid win over Christopher Daniels. With Vickie Guerrero’s angry words hanging over Nyla Rose and Marina Shafir, Shafir challenged Athena for the ROH Women’s Championship. Shaffer was the controlling aggressor in many of the events. Athena used a trick up her sleeve to smash Shaffer into the arena steps. This turned the tide for Athens to hold it. Vicki was not happy about failure again.

Danhasuen wore Homer Simpson’s muumuu shoes when accompanying his best friends. Roddy Piper’s daughter is back in AEW. Teal Piper got the hot tag for some clotheslines, ate a jab, and got tagged in before defeating Tay Melo and Anna Jay. Eddie Kingston tagged with Ortiz. After the win, Kingston lined up behind instead of celebrating with his partner. This may be nothing or it may be something related to Kingston’s fragile feelings in the House of Blacks dispute.

Ethan Page stole Jeff Hardy’s dancing and Taz’s singing stunt in a three-way act with Matt Hardy and Isiah Cassidy. Matt is the good employee at the company, while Cassidy still hates Page.

Claudio Castagnoli cut an aggressive promo defending the ROH World Championship against Josh Woods. Woods brought out the Thunder, but Claudio had a lightning lead in Europe to keep by KO.

News flash, spot! Enjoy this throwback style promotion from Butcher and Blade with a message for the tag team division.

“Employment Boot Camp” – Being The Elite Ep. 330 was missing star players. The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega had the week off, so Brandon Cutler filled in for a travel montage eating hot nuts. The Dark Order and Ryan Nemeth are featured more prominently this week. The Dark Order was trained in sexual training to search for employment. Nemeth was everywhere. Trent shows him a video of a hedgehog while he is in the bathroom stall. Bollywood Boys convinced Nemeth to take his acting career from Hollywood Hank to Bollywood Hank. Nemeth also had a strange green tan in a cosmetic accident. Also on BTE, Leva Bates arranged for Luther to have a trial son because Peter of Avalon wanted to start a family. Luthor made Avalon wipe his bum on the potty, and that experiment stopped Avalon. This episode is age restricted. It could be due to bad words or Nemeth’s crack in the ass.

Speaking of the Dark Order’s recruiting attempts, they suggested Juice Robinson. The man known as Rock Hard shot them with insults. Juice wouldn’t be friends with the Dark Order even if they were the last people on earth.

Saraya was the most recent guest on RJ City’s talk show, Hey! EW. Topics of conversation included her mother’s wrestling while pregnant, the women’s wrestling revolution, and the variety of places around the world that Saraya wrestled. Despite Renee Paquette’s suggestion that she be the host, Saraya was a good sport throughout the play along with RJ’s banter.

We’ll wrap up with Kenny Omega immortalized in his glorious bobblehead form.

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