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Here is the latest update on Brett Baker’s injury

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Brett Baker was originally announced for a three-way match on this week’s (January 25) episode of AEW dynamite Against Robbie Soho and Tony Storm. On the morning of the show, Bret was pulled from the match due to an injury.

Baker has proven her mettle in the past by working through a broken wrist and a broken nose, so a lot of fans are curious as to what happened that caused him to miss this bout.

The exact injury is still unknown, however Observer Wrestling Radio Dave Meltzer provided the following update stating that it’s a minor issue and will be back in the ring very soon:

“The way it was described to me, and I don’t know what the injury was, is that she wasn’t badly hurt, and she probably could have wrestled, but it was a bad idea for her to wrestle.”

“I heard it wasn’t serious.”

“Whatever it is, she is not expected to be unemployed for any length of time, I am told.”

For what it’s worth, Baker made brief appearances during dynamitewalking on the platform to provide the distraction that causes Storm to lose against Suho.

Looks like AEW fans won’t have to wait long to see Baker return to the ring to continue her feud as an AEW original against former WWE Superstars Storm and Saraya.

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