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HGH, the Potency HGH Injections That Conquered Hollywood

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It is supplied and injected to rejuvenate strength and good spirits. Men with high purchasing power seem to be the most interested in the subject.

It’s a secret in Hollywood (especially among celebrities and wealthy people). But not one of the best kept. Growth hormone (HGH, for its acronym in English, Human Growth Hormone) rejuvenates: increases muscle mass, improves bone density, animates, thickens the dermis and raises libido. In short, it is a gold mine for anti-aging consultations. “Although we have been dispensing it for decades, its consumption has skyrocketed in the last ten years,” confirms Uzzi Reiss, an Israeli doctor specializing in gynecology and antiaging ., director of the Men and Women & Advanced Nutrition and hormone-based gynecology center in Beverly Hills. It is also for its manufacturers: the sale of this synthesized protein generates about 2,000 million dollars (1,800 million euros) annually. Not bad for a substance supposedly reserved for patients who don’t produce it in sufficient quantities. “Its use as an antiaging therapy is not allowed in Spain.

Here it is administered to people with low levels or in cases such as Turner syndrome (women with incomplete chromosomes), Prader-Willi syndrome (caused by the lack of a gene on part of chromosome 15) or in children with kidney failure. chronic before puberty”, explains Cristina Álvarez, from the Spanish Society of Endocrinology and Nutrition (SEEN). In our country, its use is hospitalized, it is prescribed by endocrinologists and pediatricians and it can only be distributed in hospitals and pharmacies.

This protein, manufactured by the pituitary gland, stimulates the growth of a large part of the body: cells, bones, muscles… Its deficiency, at an early age, shrinks : it does not allow reaching the target height (or probable height according to genetic inheritance) and can lead to dwarfism. With age, the body slows down its production. The slowdown occurs at age 20, when a fall of 4% per year is triggered. “Then it does it at a rate of 2%. Result: between the ages of 30 and 50, it may have been reduced by 40%”, explains Ángel Durántez, medical director of the Neolife clinic.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the body that regulates food and drugs in the United States, is much more lax. If an adult shows signs of fatigue, weakness, and low libido, among other symptoms, doctors prescribe it after a urine test and blood work. “Why wouldn’t we do it? It is the safest hormonal treatment that exists. The problem is that his job is demonized; It has a very bad press, ”says Reiss.

Doubtful reputation. It has it for several reasons: «The media have frivolized on the subject; they have focused their consumption only among famous actors or singers and have given it an exclusive connotation related to the forbidden. I don’t question that one can feel more charismatic or energetic by injecting it, but from there to feeling ten years younger or not having gray hair… It is better to focus on the scientific literature, which has indeed shown its benefits in adults, “says Durántez.

HGH has detractors and defenders, mainly because not all studies have produced positive results. “A meta-analysis of various investigations published in 2007 confirmed advantages such as fat reduction and increased muscle mass, but also a greater predisposition to the development of diabetes and cancer,” warns Álvarez.

Its use dates back to the late 1950s. So it was limited and reserved for the most extreme cases in children. It was difficult to obtain: it was extracted from corpses. The FDA wrote a new chapter in 1985 by approving a biosynthetic version made by Genentech, a San Francisco company. Their results were encouraging: a patient under 13 years old grew about five centimeters on average. The panacea? At first glance, yes. Side effects were limited to joint discomfort and swelling. But in the long term, the story gets complicated: Some researchers have shown that there is an increased risk of heart failure and other diseases. “The walls of the heart thicken, which can cause hypertrophic heart disease. HGH has a tendency to increase glucose intolerance, hence diabetes,”

Banana spider venom is the new viagra. 
Experts have already found a way to reproduce this species by genetically modifying it.

In addition, it is an expensive substance: the cost of this synthesized protein ranges between 375 and 2,000 dollars per month (336 and 1,790 euros). “Its high price is due to the fact that it is manufactured by genetic engineering. There is little competition, about 4 or 5 pharmaceutical companies in total, and a lot of sellouts. In the heat of business, opportunists appeared on the Internet selling creams and pills that supposedly boosted its natural production,” reports Durántez.

In favor. The boom flourished in the past decade, when the American newspaper Albany Times Union reported that musicians 50 Cent, Mary J. Blige, Timbaland and Wyclef Jean and actors like Tyler Perry used it. Many publicly denied it. «In the entertainment world, the pressure to prolong youth is greater. It’s easy to want to continue looking like the young man in the photos or on the screen. But a natural beauty is sought, not artificial. That is why Botox or surgery restorations are even hidden with Photoshop , ”says Javier Garcés, president of the Association of Psychological and Social Studies.

Nick Nolte, Oliver Stone and Sylvester Stallone have confessed that they take it. A show of power? “It is an expensive treatment, it confers status because only VIPs have access to it,” says Garcés. Stallone, specifically, was caught in 2007 with 48 vials in his suitcase at Sydney airport. Australia is one of the strictest countries in this field. He didn’t flinch. «This hormone is nothing… It has nothing to do with steroids, whoever says otherwise has no idea. In ten years they will ship it everywhere, “the actor told People magazine shortly after.

At 78, bodybuilder Ernestine Shepherd says it’s possible to have a body like hers without the need for hormones.

The debate is still open . “If the replacement is supervised and does not exceed 0.6 mg daily, possible consequences such as edema, arthralgia, myalgia or hyperinsulinism are avoided. Regarding cancer, growth hormone is not carcinogenic. The Vence article published in The New England Journal of Medicine in 1999 on its use in children and adults showed that its incidence was lower in those who consumed it”, argues Ángel Durántez.

“In the US, more harmful and addictive painkillers and sleeping pills are recommended. In addition, the same doctors who criticize its use in adults recommend it in minors. Has no sense. If it is expected that a boy does not exceed 1.60 cm in height, and a girl, 1.50 cm, it is administered. Their doses are usually high: ten times higher than that of an adult in patients between 5 and 10 years old, and 30 times higher for those between 10 and 18 years old. It is also prescribed for children with cancer or kidney failure. These groups are highly supervised and no side effects have been shown,” Reiss reasons. This 70-year-old specialist is the HGH guru: his book dedicated to this hormone, The Natural Superwoman , has been a success. So much so that he has already visited the Oprah Winfrey show and is the doctor of manycelebrities . He has been taking it for 35 years. “My wife for 30 years. We both feel more active and motivated, and we are happier. Our bones have become stronger, we have avoided cardiovascular diseases, our internal organs do not atrophy and our thoracic capacity has increased. Also, we want to do things. I keep working and studying. Today, for example, I got up at 4:30 in the morning because I’m about to take a master’s exam », she says.

Physicist André Berger has also published a book on the subject ( The Beverly Hills Anti Aging Prescription ), markets his own line of cosmetics, and runs the Rejuvalife Vitality Institute clinic. Do you inject it? «The question is not that, the question is whether I need it or not. I wouldn’t try anything I didn’t need even for fun. My goal is not to experiment. I have taken the test, I know my HGH level and I have acted accordingly. I have done the same as I do with my patients », he says. And he gives another piece of information: «The amounts I administer to my clients range from 0.1 mg to 7.5 mg per day. But the treatment is not only focused on HGH, we also look at other hormones such as estrogens or testosterone », he assures.

So, according to its defenders, and considering all its advantages, why is this substance still not freely administered? “It is attributed to side effects, supposedly more acute in older people than in children. But I think it is a matter of administrative authorization. Can you imagine everyone asking for their daily dose of growth hormone from the age of 50? ”, Questions Durántez.

The search for the elixir of youth does not end here. The advances continue their march and everything indicates that HGH will be in the background in the near future. What’s new today? The poison of the banana spider, capable of increasing circulation in the penis and causing erections. But collecting this new viagra from spider farms doesn’t seem very feasible. The good news is that a group of researchers has already found a way to reproduce it genetically modified.

“Actually, HGH treatment postpones aging a bit. But just a little. We need something completely different. That something will come and then we will live almost forever, ”forecasts the famous English gerontologist Aubrey de Gray for S Moda .

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