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How is Kyle O’Reilly’s recovery process going?

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In the same interview where he detailed the difficulty of recovering from his injuries (more on that here), Adam Cole also gave a public update to his friend Kyle O’Reilly.

Like Cole, O’Reilly has been sidelined since June of last year. In the case of KOR, he underwent surgery in September. Last month, at Share on Instagram Kyle focused largely on how he managed his type 1 diabetes during the recovery process, and said he had a “post-surgery issue” which he’ll talk more about in the future. For now, he noted, it caused him “a lot of frustration,” and he ended 2022 dealing with “anger and confusion.” O’Reilly has indicated that he is committed to taking whatever steps are necessary to improve his mental and physical health so he can return to wrestling.

The undisputed ERA teammate didn’t go into detail when talking about O’Reilly’s situation on Observer Wrestling RadioBut Cole said:

“He’s doing good. Kyle is doing really well. Again, he’s in a position right now where he’s working hard to make sure he’s healthy as soon as possible but at the same time, making sure he doesn’t get rushed again.

“Kyle was really upset and it got to a point where he just couldn’t take it anymore. I’m so glad he’s fixed up and is healthy and getting better day by day.

“Early in the process, I think he was really frustrated because he had so little of what he was capable of doing, but now that he’s been able to do more and more in therapy, rehab, things like that, you see.” That excitement and the wheels are already spinning around him thinking about how he can’t wait to get back in. He’s in good spirits and he’s got so many people around him who love him so much.”

There is no schedule for KOR’s comeback, but on Another Instagram post Over the weekend, he shared a video of himself doing neck strengthening exercises, writing:

“I fight every single day to get back into that loop. I appreciate the support and love from everyone who helps me in the will of my soul. I hear you all.”

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