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How to achieve results by eating sweets and exercising three times a week

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“I was a terribly thin scoliosis person.” A trainer from Rostov-on-Don told how to achieve results by eating sweets and exercising three times a week

Alexander Chuchmaev is 32 years old. More than six years ago, he came to an ordinary rocking chair and began to change himself. Now he is a personal trainer and has hundreds of wards on his account. Alexander tells who is easier to train girls or boys, what sweets are always in his kitchen cabinet and what three exercises he would not exchange for anything in the world.

About the beginning

I started with the so-called “Soviet rocking chair” – barbells, horizontal bars, dumbbells. He was a terribly thin scoliosis patient, he didn’t like himself very much, and decided to pump up at least a little and improve his health. It was about 6 years ago. I then worked at the Rostov polymer plant. Then he gradually began to deepen, went to study as a coach. First I studied in Krasnodar, then in Saratov, I took online courses. In total, I spent about eight months on training. In general, in coaching it is important not to be an amateur – here we are talking about people’s health, the main thing is not to harm. I want to say that over the years of training, I regretted only one thing – that I did not start training earlier.

About wards

Now I work as a trainer at Mega Fitness and today I can say that I have helped change the lives of more than 100 people – my wards. Of course, this is a joint effort. There are girls who do not spare themselves and work hard in the gym one hundred percent, and there are guys who whine that it’s hard for them. But in general, I have fighters. For example, one girl lost 20 kilograms in 8 months. She was so inspired by the result that she moved to another city and went to study as a nutritionist. My other ward (he has already become my friend) is 50 years old. We conduct online training, sometimes we train live. And his form is not worse than mine. Once he had an accident and was told: “The hand will not function.” But thanks to the classes – the hand works! Another guy just prepared from scratch to enter a military university. And it’s not easy enough There is some serious physical training involved. There are many such stories. Sports really change people’s lives.

About food

As for nutrition, here I, unfortunately, am not an example to follow. Due to work, it is often impossible to eat on time. Therefore, there are snacks and not always healthy food. This is where sports nutrition comes to my rescue. Many frighten them that it is “chemistry, GMOs and all that. But this is a myth. Now sports nutrition will probably be cleaner than any other nutrition. Proteins are protein. Absolutely no chemicals. Of course, this does not mean that you should not eat regular food. But the soils on which vegetables and fruits are grown have long been depleted. They use pesticides, just the same different chymosis. We lack vitamins and minerals from regular foods. You have to fill them up. Moreover, I will say that even a non-training person needs vitamins. Try for the sake of interest and your health, go and get tested for trace elements and vitamins in your body. Almost all of us are in short supply. In the United States, for example, this has long been understood. They have shakers with useful additives in the car, in the office on the table, etc. We in Russia have not yet reached this point. But an important point, supplements must be chosen wisely. The ones you need. It depends on age, activity, weight. Study this question if your health is important to you.

About sweets

Also, I have a big sweet tooth. Even though I’m a coach, I can’t refuse them. But for the most part I try to eat healthy sweets. Fortunately, now the choice is simply huge. Starting from protein bars, and ending with special condensed milk. All sorts of muffins, protein pancakes – I can’t rearrange my life without it. Delicious and does not affect the shape. I even tried a special protein beer once! It is non-alcoholic and contains 30 grams of protein per serving. And the taste is indistinguishable from the usual.

About training

Often beginners who start exercising make a big mistake – they start training frantically. I recommend exercising no more than three times a week. The body needs rest. All my wards who have achieved results have done just that. If you practice every day, then just deplete the body, and then you will get bored altogether. This often happens, probably many of you are familiar with your own example. It is important to start from the base to prepare the body. If I had to leave only three exercises that can be done. That would be squats, deadlifts, and bench presses. It is these exercises that involve more than 50 percent of the muscles of the whole body.

About life

Exercising didn’t just change my body. The quality of life has changed. My cramps are gone, my headaches are gone, my back pain is gone. I am generally happy with my reflection in the mirror. This is no longer the skinny scoliosis that it used to be. Another thing is that all the time you want something more, self-improvement, development. But I don’t think it’s bad, it’s human nature. And sports help a lot.

Alexander parameters:

  • Age: 32 years old
  • Height: 182 centimeters
  • Weight: 87 kilograms

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