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Hulk Hogan wants to join The Bloodline

Hulk Hogan had a very busy night on Raw XXX. In addition to battling a faulty mic and telling Kurt Angle tall tales about his health, he was also trying to get his foot in the door on The Bloodline.

Here’s a video released by WWE of Hogan backstage on Raw XXX telling Paul Heyman that he’s ready to trade Hulkamania for membership in The Bloodline:

“Wise man! I’m sick of this Hulkamania bullshit. I want to boost up! Then. Now. For life. The future. I need some Uce. Some Uce juice.”

On the surface, Hogan appears to be just joking around and having a good time behind the scenes, but longtime followers of his career know that sticking to the hottest thing in pro wrestling is a move in Hulk’s playbook.

Roman Reigns’ craze over replacing him as tribal chief of The Bloodline has only grown in recent months, and historically no one is better at keeping the lead off another wrestler like the Hulkster. Never say never, I guess.

Do you want to see Hulk Hogan replace Sami Zayn as the next winner of Bloodline? Leave your Uce juice and tell us your thoughts in the comments below, Cagesiders.

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