You are currently viewing Impact Hard to Kill full card preview: Mickie James risks retirement

Impact Hard to Kill full card preview: Mickie James risks retirement

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The effect still works despite the upheavals over the years. They prove difficult to kill, hence the PPV of the same name. The difference from the LOLTNA days is that the current Impact producer has found his groove to run strong with high-quality wrestling and detailed storytelling. Hard to kill It looks to be another exciting event for Impact.

Hard to kill It is set for Friday, January 13th. The full assortment includes:

  • Knockout Championship: Jordyn Grace (c) vs. Mickie James in a Title vs. Job match
  • Impactful World Championship: Josh Alexander (c) vs. Bully Ray in Full Metal Mayhem
  • Impact World Tag Team Championship: Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley (C) vs. Matt Cardona and Brian Myers vs. Heath and Rhyno vs. Ace Austin and Chris Pye in 4-way Elimination
  • X-Division Championship: Tre Miguel (c) vs. Black Toros
  • Impact Digital Media Championship: Joe Hendry (c) v. Moss
  • Contender No. 1 Knockout: Masha Salamovic vs Deonna Purrazzo vs Taylor Wilde vs Killer Kelly
  • Number of waterfalls anywhere in Atlanta: Rich Swann vs. Steve McClain
  • Eddie Edwards vs. Jonathan Grisham
  • Detect temporary administrator of authority

The introductory offer will include:

  • Rosemary, Taya Valkyrie, and Jessica vs. Tasha Stiles, Savannah Evans, and Gisele Shaw
  • Angels vs. Yuya Uemura vs. Mike Jackson vs. Bhubinder Gujjar vs. “Speedball” Mike Bailey vs. Kushida

the Hard to kill PPV will be available for viewing through Fit TV Starting at 8 PM ET, the pre-show will stream for free on Impact’s YouTube channel at 7:30 PM ET.

Mickie James vs. Jordyn Grace receives the job in exchange for the title spot in the PPV main event. James wanted to end her career on her own terms, so she sought out the last rodeo. James had to know if she could still wrestle with the best, so she chose to work her way up the ranks from the bottom. One loss along the way, and James would retire.

James has achieved her victories, and now it’s time to take on her toughest challenge at the latest rodeo. Grace stands in front of her with the Knockout Championship around her waist. James will end the night as a five-time Knockouts Champion or come out swinging into retirement.

Hard to kill It will end with drama, and it will open with a bang. Josh Alexander defends the Impact World Championship against Bully Ray in Full Metal Mayhem to start the PPV. Bully ranks as the #1 prankster in TNA/Impact history, and he proved the cause of this conspiring feud. Bully claimed that he wanted to end his career on a positive note by doing things the right way. He won the Call Your Shot Gauntlet to earn a world title match. The bully played the changing man to deceive Scott D’Amore and Tommy Dreamer as well as lull Alexander into a false sense of security.

The bully seemed to be a man of his word, however, and his true scumbag nature shined through once Alexander formally accepted the challenge. The bully threatened to ride Alexander’s wife onto concrete, manipulated his friendship with Dreamer to put him in the hospital, and pounded D’Amore through a table. It was all part of a plan to get into Alexander’s head to enforce the Full Metal Mayhem stipulation (TLC matches anything metal as legal). Bully knew he couldn’t compete with Alexander in a regular wrestling match, so he battled her out for an intense fight. mission accomplished. Bully believes this gives him the advantage to win, however, as Alexander has proven he can overcome any obstacle in his path. Bully’s master plan may backfire in pouring fuel on the fire of Alexander’s impulse to kick ass.

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Prediction time!

I think the pressure or retirement is eating into James. She’s been extraordinarily nervous the past few weeks taking Grace’s words out of context and taking them as insults. As the competition got tougher at the Last Rodeo, James used veteran tricks to cruise to victory. Anything is possible with James’ level of intelligence, but I don’t think she will win this evening. Grace would finish the last of the rodeo and send James into retirement.

Josh Alexander’s run with the Impact World Championship has been so strong that I couldn’t imagine him losing, until it finally happened. Bully Ray is a con man, so he might have a back-up plan for pulling out if needed. That could include a swerve of help from an unexpected source, kidnapping as leverage, who knows? Bully is the king of scum. Any rotten scenario imaginable would be believable for Bully’s attempt. However, I believe this match will be straight into the Full Metal Mayhem rules, and Alexander wouldn’t lose to Bully if the playing field was even.

Share your predictions for Hard to kill. What are the matches you are most excited about?

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