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Impact summary: Mickie James beat Bully Ray’s Fools

Mickie James takes no fear, not even from Bully Ray. She refused to back down in the face of danger, even though Bully showed he had no problem putting women through tables. When Mikey was outnumbered last week, Tommy Dreamer blocked to prevent a table powerbomb. This led to a gender tag bout on this week’s episode of Impact wrestling.

Dreamer brought hardcore, and Mickey brought country for Hardcore Country. Their opponents were the Good Hands team of John Skyler and Jason Hotch, known as Bully’s goons. The bully was banned from ringside for the match. Hardcore Country started with Classic Wrestling to establish control. The Good Hands eventually worked on Dreamer in isolation. The cutter from Dreamer created space for Mickster’s hot tag. James ran wild to pin Hotch to a seated flying guard. Skylar saved. The dreamer returned to teamwork. Hardcore country hit stereo DDTs. Mikey pinned Hotch for the victory.

Never underestimate Bully’s innate ability to manipulate a situation. A man always has a plan to be a prankster.

Masha Salamović is the number one contender in the Knockout Tournament. It’s in line to challenge James on no giving up. Last week, Bully planted ideas in Masha’s head to strike when Mickey is vulnerable. Masha responded in Russian, so her reaction was a mystery to those who don’t speak the language. It turns out that Masha went along with Bully’s scheming.

While the winners were celebrating, Bully Dreamer attacked from behind. He had his sights set on Mickey, but that was a ruse. James was completely focused on Bully, so she was completely iced out with Masha and the ring rushed to pounce. Salamović hit James with a spin backhand and Snow Plow to send a message beforehand no giving up.

That was a fun little game with James determined to fool Polly. The clip concluded nicely with post match attacks to build up the anticipation no giving up.

In another work of Impact wrestling:

  • Brian Myers defeated Dirty Dango. The winner advances to the #1 contender’s match no giving up. Myers flattened Dango with a bowl cut on the floor. Myers hit a second split list inside the ring for the victory.
  • Giselle Shaw was brazenly sabotaging random lunches in the mess hall. Deonna Purrazzo had no word from Shaw about fielding Chelsea Green. Shaw attempted to throw a bowl of beans at Purrazzo, but it backfired when Virtuosa punched her. The beans are spilled all over the Quintessential Diva. Santino Marella entered the singles match no giving up.
  • Trey Miguel wants nothing to do with Crazzy Steve. The lights went out with crazy laughter, and then the Trey logo appeared on the screens with a dripping blood effect. Steve’s mind games were taking their toll on Trey.
  • Johnny Swinger tried to bribe Santino to get a title. Santino wasn’t in an outlet. Swinger had to earn it the hard way with a 50-win streak. Zeke Dice offered encouragement. Swinger only needs one victory to start rolling momentum. The dice man knew which would be an easy win.
  • Rich Swan has discussed winning the Impact World Championship as the most important moment of his career. It solidified his legacy in influence. Despite Swann invading his dreams, it was a shame not to be able to share them with fans during the COVID pandemic wrestling era. Losing the title to Kenny Omega soured Swann’s mood. He was glad that Josh Alexander returned the gold to Impact, but he also felt selfish for wanting to be the one to get the job done. It’s been two years since losing the title. Swann regains his magic, and a moment of redemption approaches when Alexander wrestles for the belt in the no giving up.
  • Jordyn Grace defeated Steve DeLander. Former NXT Persian Perotta ran her mouth about being the powerful predator. Grace and De Lander delivered strokes with Grace coming out on top through Grace Driver. (Full details here.)
  • Kenny King was tired of hearing Alexander not mention him in the conversation to defend the monarchy. After hearing the insults, Swan stepped in to defend himself. The king sensed a trap when outnumbered, so Alexander went out to let them resolve the situation. The king still didn’t want to fight.
  • Rosemary & Taya Valkyrie defeated Taylor Wilde & Killer Kelly. A non-title bout for Death Dollz. Wilde consulted her tarot cards before each sign to decide if she wanted to enter the ring. When the witch pulled out a demon card, she threw it at Kelly. The Death Dollz finished off Kelly with a Road to Valhalla facebuster combo, while Wilde did nothing to save her partner. Then, Father James Mitchell arrives as a messenger from the kingdom of the undead. He put a hex on Rosemary, and the Hex duo of Alisin Kay and Marty Bell smashed the ring to kick ass on the Death Dolls. (Full details here.)
  • Eddie Edwards offered to pay Shera to take down PCO.
  • Chris Bay and Ace Austin chatted sweetly with Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, and Kushida. A three-way match has been suggested no giving up With Bullet Club bringing in KENTA as their third partner. (Full details here.)
  • PCO defeated Shira. The winner advances to the #1 contender’s match no giving up. Hoss fights with PCO landing on a cockpit for the victory. PCO continued to angrily yell Edwards’ name during the match as if he had seen Shera as Edwards.
  • Callihan was approached by Frankie Kazarian, trying to find out why he joined Design. Consider Caz Callihan a pillar of influence. Deaner stepped up, Kaz stepped up, and a match against Kun was proposed no giving up.
  • Impact Digital Media Championship: Joe Hendry retained against Matt Cardona. Although Cardona was hopping around all night with dressing room problems, he was always ready and hit the radio at the opening bell. Hendry was ejected, and the match continued. In the end, Brian Myers tried to help but accidentally pulled Cardona’s clothes on. Hendry finished with a spinebuster chokeslam. Afterwards, Moose attempted to spear Hendry but ran into Cardona instead. Hendry closed out the night playing “Edge’s Bitch” as an insult to Cardona. (Full details here.)

way to no giving up It continues to develop on this week’s episode of Impact Wrestling. Rich Swann’s video package was a clever way to remind the world of his accomplishments. Whether or not you think the world title will change hands, there’s no denying that Swann has been presented as a legitimate threat to dethrone Josh Alexander in the storyline. Masha Salamović has sent a physical message to Mickie James that her reign as a knockout champion may be short. It’s best to use Salamović as a dominant force, and that’s what we’ve seen here.

The show was full of new faces. Even though Steve DeLander lost to Jordyn Grace, her performance was good enough to build a desire for more movement in the area of ​​impact. Hex making a surprise comeback was the best moment of the night. Allysin Kay and Marti Belle produce instant credibility for the Knockouts label’s division. Add in the surprising news that KENTA will debut soon. The revolving door of talent continues to prevent Impact from ever taking off.

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