You are currently viewing Impact’s first Pit Fight had a Sparta kick, a flying kick, and a violent finisher

Impact’s first Pit Fight had a Sparta kick, a flying kick, and a violent finisher

Impact wrestling

Pit battle!

Impact rolled the dice in their first ever pit fight. The bad blood was gone, and “Speedball” Mike Bailey decided the only way to teach Kenny King some respect was to fight the pit.

Pit Fight was the main event of the Thursday night broadcast Impact wrestling. Grammar? They don’t need foul grammar. Well, they needed some rules. No ring ropes, taped fist, no pins, no disqualification, winner by submission or by knockout. That was pretty much it. Rang the bell!

Bailey and King engaged in a grappling strategy to get started. The move picked up when King pulled his knee pad to clean a running knee on Bailey’s dome. The speedball was bleeding from the hairline. Bailey responded with a flurry of kicks. King answered by holding a kick to counter the Superplex.

The king tried to fake a scorpion kick. Billy blocked and dumped a Sparta kick to hit the king as he fell off the mat to the floor.

When King returned to the hole, Bailey secured a rod. King powerbomb his ways out of danger. The match progressed with King executing a jumper from the apron to the floor. Billy regained his wits for a shove kick. Bailey then sprinted down the ramp to score a flying kick. Speedball climbed into the center of the ring to follow with a twisting cannonball outward.

King gained the advantage by countering Billy Ultima’s weapon with a mid-air kick to the face. Then King hit Spine on the edge of the ring. King scored Bailey with a spin kick. The referee checked his consciousness, and the fight continued. King went with an ankle lock. There was a chair in the arena from earlier when the king put it there. Billy decides to use the object to hit King to break free from submission.

Billy exploded with furious punches and armbars. Bailey released and then fell into a double back knee. Billy added ground and pounds to crush his opponent. The referee pushed Bailey aside to check on King’s condition. King was still awake, so Billy put the chair over King’s head for a violent kick to the skull. The referee called for the bell and awarded the win to Billy.

That was an interesting experience. It wasn’t perfect, but it was worth the renovation. Think of Kumite more than professional MMA. The fight started out a bit slow with grappling stalemates. It very much felt like pseudo MMA. Work took a significant amount of time after the commercial break. Kick Sparta was badass. The flying kick was a great idea, however, the visual wasn’t as impressive as in the movies. The end was cruel. Billy tried to smash King’s skull by screaming so loudly. Overall, it was satisfactory from an entertainment perspective.

What do you think of Impact’s first Pit Fight?

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