You are currently viewing Impact’s most violent moments in 2022 will leave you awestruck in pain

Impact’s most violent moments in 2022 will leave you awestruck in pain

If you’ve got a fever from working so hard, Impact has the cure. Enjoy the most beautiful moments in 2022 from the area of ​​influence. Get ready to chant, “Holy shit!”

Highlight package includes:

  • Mia Yim pushes a ladder with Deonna Purrazzo and Chelsea Green crashing through a table
  • W. Morrissey powerbombs Chelsea Green through a table
  • JONAH powerbombing PCO out of the ring to the floor
  • Sami Callihan powerbombs Steve McClain at a barbed wire door
  • Doc Gallows chokeslamming PCO through the ring
  • PCO hits Jonah with a sledgehammer which smashes through a table
  • W. Morrissey powerbombing Brian Myers outside the ring through a table
  • Doc Gallows pushes PCO off the second level off the railing to fall down
  • Deonna Purrazzo pumps kicking Mickie James on thumbtacks
  • Jordynne Grace powerbombing Masha Salamovic on open chairs

Some takeaways from this hardcore compilation. First off, Chelsea Green is a little game about taking table places. She’s so good that Purrazzoo hugged her way to take the brunt of the fall. Secondly, W. Morrissey is the powerbomb king. It looks very painful when he was born. AEW squanders Big Bill’s talent. Third, it was a sight to pin Mickey James’ spine print.

How many times have I said, “Ouch!” When to watch Impact’s wildest hits in 2022? What moment made you wince the most?

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