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Impact’s Pit Fight Challenge has been released

A special challenge was released on Impact, which is a doozy. ‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey wants Kenny King in a pit fight. yes!

Events unfolded during Impact wrestling When King traveled to Montreal, Quebec in an effort to expose Billy on his home turf. King feels Billy is hiding who he really is, so he does his best to poke the bear. King arrived at Billy’s dojo and beat up his students, like a proper bully.

That was the classic 80’s intimidation style of the king by punching him in wrestling. I particularly amused the large man holding the lady securely, and then the King kicking his legs to accidentally knock her against the carpet.

Billy wasn’t even one bit pleased. When pressed for comment, the calm and composed Billy exploded with anger. Or as angry as he’ll get with his polite manner of speaking. Billy challenged King to a pit fight. Do the ropes, the bar, a knockout or submission, and see who comes out.

Both scenes were very interesting and intriguing about Pit Fight. Billy has a legitimate background in the martial arts of Taekwondo.

It was not clear when this fight could happen. effect he has Hard to kill However, the upcoming PPV on January 13, will also be effective in broadcast television as a movie spectacle.

Are you excited for the pit fight between “Speedball” Mike Bailey and Kenny King?

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