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Initial Conclusion and Feedback: Hurt Business is booming

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The road to the Royal Rumble begins in earnest with new contenders for the Raw tag team championship, and more excitement about a certain business getting back in business.

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends. Even with the latest unfortunate news regarding WWE and one old man, Royal Rumble The season is always fun. So let’s get this week really started and hopefully we’ll get some exciting WWE TV between now and that fateful Saturday night in San Antonio.

As usual, Claire has you covered on a play-by-play basis. I’m here to analyze the colors with none of the Corey Graves bags!


Bobby Lashley is back this week. In fact, he did so during a promo between Seth Rollins and Austin Theory where both men officially entered the Royal Rumble. Lashley passed Rollins because of Rollins’ knee, but decimated Theory and then made his rumble intentions clearer than White Crystal. Wonderful. right?

Not right. The coolest thing happened later. Byron Paxton attempted to interview Lashley but was interrupted by MVP and stated that the two men had “business” to discuss.

Now, for those who missed it, we’ve had several Hurt Business teasers in the past few weeks. Group reform seems inevitable. But WWE is, thankfully, putting an actual story together for this thing rather than just putting the four guys back together in their best suits. MVP and Bobby chop it up like the guys. MVP apologized for his transgressions, and told Lashley about it he He convinced Adam Pierce to bring Lashley back, and also mended fences with Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin. MVP says that “this thing” works best when they’re all on the same page.

But Lashley, though grateful that MVP stepped in on his behalf, isn’t ready to forget everything. At least not yet. And it makes sense! MVP and Omos made Lashley’s life hell for months. MVP called Lashley everything but the son of God and betrayed all of their siblings out of jealousy.

this Many.

Years of friendship thrown out of the limelight don’t come back just because of one solid service. Lashley will eventually get there and I look forward to the plot intrigue getting him to the point where he’s ready to approach his work differently, but that’s the right call for now. It acknowledges continuity, creates construction, and places an emotional investment in the story.

The only reason anything related to bloodline works well for me is because they are all treated as human beings with human feelings. If WWE gives everyone involved in this revenge on the Hurt Business the same treatment, we’re in for the treat.


More blood

Kevin Owens is me now. Face down, morose, wondering why he’s listening to Baron Corbin in 2023. Of course, Baron’s goal here was to heat up the KO as the Canadiens prepare for his match with Roman Reigns in Royal Rumble. Owens’ win was academic with that in mind, so the real story was the outcome. As Owens celebrated, Jey Uso walked out of the crowd, signaling for a Bloodline attack.

It’s great that KO got the best of them here, defeating The Usos and Solo Sikoa with a steel chair. Still the worst person at his job, Adam Pearce has put an end to all the shenanigans but clearly has trouble maintaining any kind of order when it comes to bloodline.

Sure, send Jimmy & Jey home for the night, and issue a stern KO warning, but I need a reference character with a bit more teeth. Seriously, even when he asked them to leave, they showed up and celebrated with Solo after he defeated Dolph Ziggler! A man has as much power as a child on a big wheel.

Regardless of the match, which was fine but Barron didn’t do anything for me, this was another fun start raw.

Do you feel responsible?

Alexa Bliss? Meet Uncle Howdy. I like the core of Alexa’s story where she fights for agency and recognition while someone else, most likely a man, tries to wrestle her away from her. Not literally. At least not yet. After the commentary team told us Bianca Belair came home recovering from what Alexa did to her face the last time. raw It was something, Mrs. Bliss grabbed a microphone.

Alexa said it was the best she’d felt in years because even though Bianca might be the hero, she stands up. She’s used a couple of Bray-isms, like saying she has the whole world on her hands, and calling herself the face of evil. This is not about Bray or Hoody. This is about her and she is in control.

At this point, Howdy is back on the big screen, interspersed with old footage of Alexa as Harley Quinn to Bray Wyatt’s Joker, and some creepy stadium shots. Seriously, since then are you afraid of the dark, Empty pitches with slow swing sets always get a 100 on a creepy scale of 1-10.

The weirdest part of the clip came at the end: Howdy showed up at the doorway with Alexa standing in the ring…and then we go into the commercial. I know the mystery is part of the thing here, but it gets bugged when something like that happens and we don’t just go into commercials, but nobody acknowledges it when the show resumes.

That said, I hope we get something interesting and empowering here with Alexa getting her narration back.

Fresh out of jail in California, the dream…

Look… nothing I write does justice to Miz TV this week featuring Dominic Mysterio and Judgment Day. no thing. Doom is killing him now and this was no different. Just watch it and get ready to laugh.

Great prison

This Miz TV segment led directly to the Tag Team Turmoil main event. Recap everything is moot but I’ll cover the important parts. First, Damien Priest took up his business. The dude wrestled for about an hour, so give him a standing ovation. Secondly, it was the last hour in Judgment Day, as it was clearly the center of attraction for the turbulent main event.

They’ve gone through OC (Caaaaliforniaaaaa), Alpha Academy, and finally, street earnings. Each match had its own flavor, with the street earnings match topping my list. why? Well, besides the fact that we got the profits, we also got Dom offering some jail grit.

Finn Bálor was knocked out with a rib injury after using Chad Gable as a human shield during an Otis Vader bomb. Adam Pearce gave Damian two options: forfeit the match as a result of Finn’s injury, or Dom take his place. He wasn’t ready, said Dom, fresh out of prison and still stinging about his time getting three temperatures and a cot. But he reluctantly took one for the team.

Dom also got a W for his team as well, with a lot of help from Rhea, pinning Montez Ford while Rhea grabbed Dom’s legs and applied some extra leverage.

The Usos, still not listening to Pierce, showed up at the end of the show and faced off against their new rivals.

While I love dividends, giving a doomsday W is the right move here. They’re sexy, Dom kills it, and all of his work brings out different flavors from everyone on the crew. give them raw Tagging team titles or at least putting them in that position can only mean good things.

Watch the entire main event, it’s well worth your time.

(Almost) flawless victory

About the Solo Sequa victory I mentioned earlier. Dolph Solo made it look like a stud and it almost got a win. Of all the Solo matches, Dolph came closest to giving the street hero his first L.

Dolph took a lot of punishment in a match that he only wanted for revenge. Solo and the rest of the Bloodline went on a warpath a few weeks ago and Dolph was on the way. Ziggler refused a spot in this week’s tag team turmoil match with Mustafa Ali all by his side because he wanted revenge. He almost got it too, but made a huge mistake when he went celebrity.

After finally getting back up, Solo is nearly pinned by Dolph twice. He then used Solo’s momentum against him and dodged an attack with a hook, then followed it up with a knee kick. That’s when Dolph goes to The Famouser and finds himself in a precarious situation. Solo caught Dolph and put her into a powerbomb position. But instead of dropping him, he threw it off his shoulders and nailed Dolph with the Samoan Spike as Ziggler fell to the floor. It was an incredible sight. Even if you haven’t watched the whole match, please watch.

dedicated to Becky

Bayley wrestled Michin – that’s her name this week – and the match was reserved for Becky Lynch. Bayley knows that Becky is watching and stalking, but she also knows that she’s jealous of the fact that Bayley has boyfriends. Peaky CTRL doesn’t have her own Damage, so yeah, she’s crazy. At least that’s what Bailey sees. Michen stood out as one of Becky’s “friends,” meaning Bayley set an example for her. And by that, I mean she cheated for W.O. Another strong match that I hope gets a little more build, or at least gets a surprise appearance from Becky.

This later came to light, as Maychem confronted Bayley backstage for cheating. Bayley did a typical heel job and said no one likes a whiner, called out her girls and beat up Michim with the help of IYO SKY and Dakota Kai. Then Bayley offers Mechem a piece of advice that gives the whole situation more gravitas and intrigue: don’t go up for someone who won’t be there for you.

This is real and throws some complications into the relationship between Becky and Mechem.

Poor pixie

Candice LeRae challenged Rhea Ripley because Mamie interrupted her backstage interview. This also served as some Royal Rumble prep, with both women announcing that they wanted a piece of the Women’s Rumble.

It went as I expected Ria took control for the most part and I have to say it didn’t do much for me. I love both women so much, but seeing Ria so dominate makes me totally bored at this point.

Finally… the answers

Do you remember Bronson Reed helping The Miz defeat Dexter Lumis? Well, we finally know why. Bronson appeared raw They said they are not friends. If Miz wants to help him, it’s all about this cream. Miz is used to it because he thinks they are friends. Yes, well, you are not, brother.

More nightmare

We got the second part of Cody’s comeback video this week. I expect he will announce his comeback during the last part of these videos.

The main event rocked and the show kept moving forward for the most part. This was a fun night with perhaps some official Royal Rumble entries, and the Usos finally have new challengers. It wasn’t a flawless presentation, but it was very good.

Grade: B+

This is my degree and I stick to it. Your turn.

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