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Initial recap and reactions: Cody gives Sami a pep talk

Sami Zayn calls out Cody Rhodes, surprises Rhea Ripley, and main event triple threat holds submission.

It’s time to go home, ladies and gentlemen. Judicial Department Just around the corner raw He has more schedule to set.

I covered Claire’s blog playing with a game while doing the other thing.

Let’s talk raw!

Sammy and Cody

Guess who has a crisis of confidence? Sami Zayn. Guess who approached as elixir? No, not Kevin Owens and not Church. It went to Cody Rhodes. Sami appearing on Raw with a hoodie over his head surprised everyone. Calling Cody surprised me the most. But like the direction everything has taken because, as usual with anything related to bloodline, it adds depth to the character while enhancing the match. If only all wrestling worked this way.

Sami doesn’t quite believe that he knows how Roman Reigns, Paul Heyman, etc. work. As he pointed out, he knows how the Bloodline thinks, he knows how they move, and he knows every dirty deed in their bag. And of course he knows that because he helped make them stronger. Familiarity with your opponent is one thing but it’s quite another when that familiarity comes from being part of the crew. Cody noted that Sami made the strain weaker. Effectively, it made a God King bleed. So why not focus on that instead of doubting himself? Well, again, you see Sammy’s bigger and stronger cats miss out on going to the King. But Cody doesn’t buy that one bit. I’m not sure if Cody and Sammy are a thing but I appreciate the addition of this wrinkle to make us He thinks may be. And if that happens, they’ve planted too many seeds.

Cody put his money on Sammy even if Sammy wasn’t quite sure. Cody does not want to see Sami raw next week; He wants to see it when WrestleMania. Cody gets excited talking using it while the fan club president plays Sammy at what Cody does best. Both men totally believed every word they said and that’s what got me into it too. Sami turned away with his head raised slightly, but clearly not quite there yet. Will he get there on Saturday? This is the ultimate question and the main reason why Sammy and Roman might break up in Montreal.

the current situation

The six women competing in the Elimination Chamber for the title shocked Bianca Belair. raw He started with Adam Pearce in a triple threat match between Belair, Becky Lynch and Bayley. If Becky or Bayley picks up the W, they get seventh place in that room. But if Bianca wins, nothing will change.

Yeah, well, nothing has changed and I’m so confused.

While we undoubtedly got an impressive and important main event, I was left wondering what the point was. CTRL damage, along with the six runners, benefited from the no-DQ requirement. The six women didn’t want Becky or Billy anywhere near the room while Damage CTRL gave Billy a hand because duh. It felt like a lot of unnecessary chaos but also provided the perfect conditions for Billy or Becky to win with all the fanfare.

But here we are with Bianca pinning Bailey on a W after Becky took down Billy with a manhandle slam and Bianca dropped Becky on top of Billy with a KOD.

This match and not following up on Lita’s appearance last week baffles me. Now, maybe Lita will appear in Judicial Department And we get more on that. But until then, I don’t know where this leaves Becky and Billy. I don’t see how this helps either woman. Bianca defeats her two biggest threats ObsessionSo it’s cool and the gang. The six contestants have one less threat on their plate, so they’re golden, too. But Bailey and Becky are lost for the time being.

Why does this match if nothing changes? I really do not understand.


Valentine’s Day gift for Mama

Get someone to love you as much as Rhea Ripley loves Dum Dum. After Doomsday defeats the Street Profits, they try to add insult to injury because they’re idiots. Edge’s music hit and the R-rated superstar rushed to ringside followed by Beth Phoenix. Beth put Dominic into a Glam Slam but not so fast said Rhea. Mamie surprised Beth, and Brooklyn saved baby Tang, leaving Beth lying in the middle of the ring while Edge consoled his wife.

A good way to add more juice to this match Judicial Department. The only thing that might make the match better is Doom’s replacement with Finn Balor. A man can dream.

The hook, the line and the stink

Of course Bobby Lashley signed a match with Brock Lesnar. The fact that Brock fell into Lashley’s trap while All Mighty was sitting at his table on the entrance ramp says Lesnar still isn’t shining. We love him because he’s the proverbial bull inside the china shop, but Lashley is much smarter. I’m not sure how or if that will happen in the match, but I’m looking forward to anything that will bring us closer to the Hurt Business. Lashley has worked a little bit on this part and that interests me moving forward.


Asuka, Carmella, and Nikki Cross clashed with Liv Morgan, Roxanne Rodriguez, and Natalya in what was effectively an Elimination Chamber preview. She breaks down early on and eventually turns on Asuka as she puts everyone down, including her teammates, getting the W submission on Liv. If that’s the plan. I’d rather have women beat each other up in a locker room brawl.

Barron.. wow

Baron Corbin tried to recover from JBL verbally putting him out last week, but I’m not sure he did. Besides the fact that he found himself in an impromptu match with Cody, who easily tackled Corbin while still wearing dress pants, he was also rocking his “God of Modern Wrestling” T-shirt. You can’t decry JBL, call him a was, and kick dirt on everything about the guy but still wear the T-shirt associated with JBL. But, given how he was beaten up by a guy in dress pants, I guess that’s par for the course.

Ali, I have questions

Bronson Reed destroyed Mustafa Ali in a match Ali wanted. He claimed that if he faced Bronson, he would be in the Elimination Chamber instead of Dolph Ziggler. Yes, this did not happen. But most importantly, what do we do with Ali? Comes like a whiner and complains a lot. Taking Ls doesn’t help either. So what’s the breaking point and when does he finally get Ziggler in a match? The fact that Ziggler doesn’t even ask for a match shows how little Ali really is raw at the moment.

Seth, Miz, and Austin

Seth Rollins pinned The Miz into Astro Boy’s boot. That’s all that matters.

Well, no, Austin’s theory was also brought up during Miz TV. But only after The Miz and Seth Rollins derailed. Miz wanted to know why Seth keeps ignoring Logan Paul. In fact, he refuses to even say Logan’s name. This is clearly set more for Seth and Logan at Obsessionwhich is what I really want to see.


Maxim models have finally come across to Otis and I love him. Calling him an OTIIS (not sure if you got the flip) and sowing seeds of discord at Alpha Academy is great comic fodder.

This was a great show to take home but the main event left a bad taste in my mouth. Not because of the wrestling but because I don’t understand the logic. Having said that, we got some good stuff Judicial Department also. A show mixed with smiles on one side and question marks on the other.

These are my thoughts, true or false. Just how I felt at the time. what is yours

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