You are currently viewing Initial recap and reactions (February 6, 2023): Lita says hi and Paul Heyman gets real

Initial recap and reactions (February 6, 2023): Lita says hi and Paul Heyman gets real

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Lita returned victorious, and the Men’s Elimination Chamber match was set, with Paul Heyman proving himself the best.

Judicial Department Next week, folks! This means that we must finish some things, pave some roads, and also not forget them WrestleMania at the corner.

Claire’s blog details dishes, so read on. Why? Because you must read it. Then come back here.

Let’s talk raw!

Reset the steel cage

I never doubted the quality of this match. It’s Bayley and Becky Lynch in a cage! We missed this two weeks ago Raw XXX Appropriately (for me) we get it this week. I loved how wild it was because Bayley made it so personal when she mentioned Becky’s family. Becky talked a lot of trash and hit her opponent’s head against the cage several times. Both women worked fairly solidly and really made the condition worthwhile.

But things got interesting during the third trimester. Of course, the Damage CTRL got involved the moment Becky and Bayley fought on top of the cage. Bayley fell faster than Humpty Dumpty and IYO SKY, the only member not on crutches thanks to Lynch’s actions last week, stopped Becky from walking out.

Something about this match cried out for the big reveal at the end. It won’t matter whether Becky or Bayley wins for next week, especially while it’s on WrestleMania season. That’s when a familiar tune blared from the speakers.

Welcome back, Lita!

Lita warmed up to the crowd a bit, ran to the ring, and helped Becky. Sky attacked, grabbed Kai’s crutch, and slammed the cage door in Bayley’s face. Bayley stumbled backwards at the Manhandle Slam, getting a W, and sending the home crowd happy as she and Lita embraced.

These two people interacted in Saudi Arabia about a year ago Judicial Department in KSA. I’m very curious how this story turns out as they explain Lita’s change of heart. Becky’s crush Lita and Lita are very disappointed that she may have inspired such behavior during Becky’s Big Time Bex phase. Lonnie is intrigued and it’s a lovely wrinkle to this feud between Becky and Bailey that revives her.


I don’t know if Cody Rhodes and Paul Heyman planned their promo. I hope they don’t because that’s part of the magic of wrestling. At least they didn’t plan to start. Cody came with Sami Zayn in mind because things might change in Montreal. Cody, dressed as a railroad tycoon, gave Sami all the props in the world before Paul Heyman walked to the ring.

And this is where things changed before they changed again, something Heyman does with ease. Cody gets real, thanks Paul for giving Dusty Rhodes a job in 2000 when the family had about $100 in their own bank accounts, and Dusty does local car ads in exchange for keeping his car. Heyman gave Dusty confidence and self-esteem, while giving the whole family the much-needed life raft.

Heyman stood speechless with tears welling in his eyes. Cody then thanked Paul for showing him how he disrupted the business when Cody started AEW — which he didn’t mention by name — and the audience took their own adulation for the man formerly known as Dangerously.

Paul is great because he takes something like this, gives a real reaction, and finds his way back into the action at hand. He talks about his admiration for Dusty and the Rhodes family, but reminds everyone that this is still out there Cody. Cody has a chance to take on Roman and do something no one else in his family has ever accomplished. Paul plants suspicion in Cody’s mind, as he should, and then he returns to Dusty. He referenced Dusty training all future WWE Superstars while working at the Performance Center.

Seth Rollins, Becky Lynch, and yes Roman Reigns. But he didn’t train Cody. While most people would consider this offensive, Heymann sees it as a compliment. Like I said, the guy mixes the sweet and the bitter better than almost anyone. Sure, Dusty didn’t coach him, but that’s probably because he wanted Cody to be his own guy and not live in the larger-than-life shadow of Dusty. Heyman loved Dusty more than words would convey, and Dusty personally told him how much he loved Cody.

Great, right? Well, yes, then came the bitterness.

Heyman noted that during their last conversation, Dusty told Paul that Cody was his favorite son…but Reigns was the son he always wanted.

Lord, have mercy on us. This perfect mix of wrestling and real worked beautifully here. I love Reigns’ promotional skills, but Heyman was and still is Cody’s best movie because of his relationship with Dusty. More importantly, he exploits that relationship and history in a way the Romans never would. It doesn’t give their feud quite as much juice as Sami vs. Roman, but it’s a great start. Heyman is WWE’s clean-up hitter for a reason.


after four hours …

Brock Lesnar cut a funny promo tonight. After greeting Orlando with a “good afternoon,” Brooke explained why Bobby Lashley was still on his mind. The best part is how he noticed Bobby was on his mind when he was crawling into bed with his wife. Of course, Bobby sneaks into Psych after only four hours. Brooke, you are a cunning dog. Lesnar wants Lashley in Judicial Department And even the contract is ready for All Mighty to sign.

Not so fast, according to Lashley. He wants his agent, manager, and attorney to get their eyes on that piece of paper before he signs anything. But Lashley did a bear stomp before leaving the ring, stomping Lesnar’s nose as part of his only skill.

Unsurprisingly, Brock’s mood got the best of him. He took out not one but two F-5s to Lashley and left the necklace on his chest.

Fun clip that makes me wonder how Bobby would respond.

Omen: Damian

Each show runner or head writer has their own signature style. As for Aaron Sorkin, he’s often said in his snappy dialogue on the go. For Triple H, it’s an opening promo segment that breaks down into the first match of the episode. This is how we arrive at Angelo Dawkins vs. Damien Priest this week, with the two squared off after Edge and Beth called Phoenix Doomsday. Edge credited the fact that his doomsday plan sort of worked.

Every member, including Dum Dum, is in a better position now than they were a year ago, even if this success comes at their expense. He’s 1,000 percent right, too. Count me as one of the naysayers of this group once Edge exits the stage left as everything relied on Edge’s image. But I’m so glad I was wrong because the band steals the show almost every week.

But enough about that. After Beth and Edge challenged Finn Balor and Rhea Ripley to a tag match at judiciary department, Finn agreed while Dom said yes on Mammy’s behalf (Ria was absent tonight). The three men surrounded the Hall of Fame pair and a fight broke out. Cue Angelo Dawkins, who slammed into the ring like a ring with excitement from me at the drop of a sneaker. A pair of punches then landed and their qualification match began at Elimination Chamber.

Whew, we have an absolute brawl. Whether it was Dawkins shooting Priest across the commentary table, Priest punching Dawkins midair, or just the sheer bombs they threw at each other at the end. These are big guys and wrestle the right match for tough guys their size.

We also got Angelo’s Swanton Dive, which gets better every week.

The great opening match that Priest won with Southern Heaven. Which makes sense because Doomsday needs representation in Montreal. Also, the idea of ​​placing the profits opposite each other in the room seems wrong. At least for now.

Speaking of which…

Montez Ford defeated Elias, cementing his spot at Elimination Chamber. A solid match, nothing worth ranting about or even writing much about. Plus no offense to Elias, but that was a lost score.

Austin Theory joined in on hold and then found himself on the wrong end of a match after Seth Rollins attacked him. Everyone wants a hero.

Mila.. do.. money

I don’t know if I’ve said it here before but I’m a huge Carmela fan. I thought her personality worked smack down He lives In 2016 she was great and her wrestling has steadily improved. While I would never call her the best wrestler, she understands how important character is and gets that character every time she’s in the ring. Returning to her original gimmick only reinforces that. Her return in a four-way dance for a spot in the Elimination Chamber match felt good, if only because of the personal trials and tribulations she endured during her hiatus.

However, I’m glad she won! In the fight against Piper Niven, Michen, and Candice Laree, Milla did what she did best which was to outsmart her opponents. It worked because all four women, especially Piper, Michen, and Candace, punished each other. Piper’s name change led to her aggression, while Michen and Candace tried to maintain their friendship, which is a bit impossible in this situation.

Carmella tucked Candice in the corner, put the shoes on for her, talked a lot about moonwalking trash, and dodged Piper Niven’s missile, which hit LeRae. Mella kicked Super Niven out of the ring and pinned a stunned and confused Larry on the Big W.

a job…

minimum? Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander beat Alpha Academy cool and clean, with the MVP in their corner. Nothing else matters to people! We are approaching Hurt Business…

Resident Velociraptor interrupts director calling woman

WWE hasn’t been doing pop culture things very well lately. I am sure a lot Than that pertains to the dirty old man who ran ingeniously. Triple H seems to have a better handle on this stuff, and Chelsea Green’s character Karen illustrates that best. Green’s interactions with the worst coach in the world, Adam Pearce, were perfect.

This week, I pulled the “call your manager” threat once too much. Green demanded a match…or else. Well, Pierce gives it to her and unfortunately for Chelsea, Pierce chooses Asuka.

Asuka decimated Green with the remaining participants in the Women’s Elimination Chamber standing at ringside. This got a bit wonky as they weren’t lumberjacks and showed no inclination to get involved. We found out after Asuka won that the women gathered for a short and sweet Bianca Belair promo.

Bianca entered the arena, laid all six women down, and told them she’d see the winner in Callie.

Psychic God

First, Kevin Patrick said it’s not a crime to swing an ax at someone, which Dexter Loomis did last week. Bruv, swinging a hatchet at someone is definitely a crime.

I digress. This match between Baron Corbin and Loomis wasn’t much of a match. Corbin is taking a mad L since hooking up his bandwagon to JBL. Lumis is the latest to show the modern god of wrestling that he is hardly a demigod let alone a full god.

JBL seemed like a man ready to dethrone Corbin after his protégé fell victim to three more issues. Which is exactly what happened later in the show but whew, I didn’t expect that level of seriousness. JBL said he’s “must watch TV” while Corbin is “channel changing TV”. This hurt me! And I don’t even like Corbyn! Corbin said he could do better but JBL says you can’t polish a turd.

Ouch. If that isn’t burying Corbyn, I don’t know what the term means.

Really dope show. The first hour passed, and the middle pulled a bit, but the last hour found its momentum again. Judicial Department It is well shaped.

Grade: a

This is my degree and I stick to it. Your turn.

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