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It looks like The Rock won’t be at WrestleMania… unless he is

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The meeting of the signs this week has many of us believing Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will be returning to WWE in the next few weeks.

For more than a year, it was an open secret that the company had hoped to get its hands on WrestleMania 39 Program with Roman Reigns. Announcement next Monday Raw XXX Multiple generations of Samoan Wrestling Dynasty will display their “acknowledgment” of the reigns, right before a surprise full of surprises Royal Rumblewhich seemed to give them two logical opportunities to start a Roman vs. Rock angle.

But that may not happen. Unless that’s just what they want us to think…

in the new Wrestling NewsletterDave Meltzer wrote:

We’re told that unless he changes his mind in the next few days, since the deadline for Mania plans is approaching, he’s indicated he won’t have time to get into the shape he feels he needs to be in for his main event match with Roman Reigns, but she kept the door open. for something in the future.

This comes with more caveats than just that open door to the future, though. caveats such as:

Of course, this is likely to be hidden from everyone.

… And …

I don’t know that he officially rejected it, but the only indication is that it was considered less tolerable than it was a few months ago.

As for the Rock’s schedule, the thing most pressing on him is the imminent launch of the XFL next month. The third attempt to launch this Spring Football League will depend heavily on co-owner Johnson to promote it. Combine that with everything his acting career takes and a business that ranges from Seven Bucks Productions to tequila and energy drinks, and it’s conceivable that he really doesn’t have time to pull off a decade of Ring Rust (sorry, we don’t count those classic six seconds against Erick Rowan in WrestleMania 32).

But can he make a few more appearances to have a role in The Bloodline’s story for Mania season? Don’t rule it out.

Or something else, it seems. Pro wrestling everyone!

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