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It looks like there will be a little bit of JBL on WWE TV from now on

JBL has been playing Baron Corbin’s manager in WWE since last October, but it all came crashing down on this week’s (February 6) episode of raw. JBL spent months promoting Corbin as a modern-day god of wrestling, but it turns out the Baron is nothing more than a loser loser who loses. Bradshaw broke up with Corbin after his recent loss to Dexter Loomis, later burying Corbin as a scumbag with the heat of a channel change.

Will this angle lead to another repackaging of Barron’s? It’s unclear where it goes from here, but we at least have some words on what will happen to JBL. This comes from PW from the inside:

“We have been told that JBL is not scheduled to appear regularly on WWE programming going forward.”

It seems reasonable. I don’t know if it was Corbin’s failure to get over it that led to their split and cut TV time for JBL, or if JBL just didn’t fit WWE TV time into his schedule going forward, which is why his journey with Corbin came to an end.

Either way, it doesn’t really matter. The onscreen alliance between JBL and Corbin was a snooze party, and that TV time would be better spent on other WWE Superstars like Bronson Reed and Mustafa Ali, who will be wrestling each other next week. raw.

What do you think of this situation, Cagesiders?

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