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It was Saraya’s partner who AEW said

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There have been no credible reports that Mercedes Mooney (FCA Sasha Banks) will make her debut dynamite When the show was in Los Angeles on January 11th. At last Wednesday’s show, AEW announced Toni Storm as Saraya’s mystery partner who had been teasing her over her tag team match against Dr. Brett Baker and Women’s Champion Jimmy Hayter.

But they’ve also given people hoping Mooney appears enough to tune in to be sure, including a retweet. Interview clips Saraya dodged questions about her former WWE colleague in the hours leading up to the show.

So… did President CEO appears at the Kia Forum?


If Mercedes didn’t have your fingers crossed and TK had world work, the match played pretty much as you’d expect it to. A large part of it was a showdown for the former Paige, who only worked her second game since being cleared to come out of retirement last fall.

Halfway through, Hikaru Shida made her way to the ring. Shida wasn’t too happy when Saraya picked Storm last week, but her attempt to intervene was on behalf of the children’s faces. But it didn’t work out that way. With Rebel distracting the referee, Baker grabbed a kendo stick that slid Shida into the ring.

After a shot from the dentist, Hayter finished off Tony’s timing.

That wasn’t her intent, but I doubt Saraya and Storm can trust Sheidha on this front.

Some interesting matches could come out of this, but will you draw as much Mooney as Mercedes?

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