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It’s Gigi Doolin and Jace Jane’s time to shine

NXT returns tonightJan 17th) Live from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando!

After releasing Mandy Rose last month, WWE waited a few weeks before addressing her on TV. Like everything related to Rose’s firing on the content posted on her subscription site, it was a decision that angered some in the public. But it may have been necessary to adjust the creative plans after the sudden removal of the woman NXT had been all about for over a year, and try to create some separation between Rose and the two women who had been by her side the whole time. – Gigi Dolin and Jase Jayne from Toxic Attraction.

When Jayne & Dolin addressed their situation, they vowed to rebuild the TA empire, starting with bringing out the wrestler who beat Rose for NXT Women’s TitleAnd Roxanne Perez. And when they had the opportunity to earn a shot at Perez last Tuesday, they made the most of it. Yes, both.

The officials ruled that they both hit the floor simultaneously to end the No. 1 contender’s battle royal, so both will challenge Perez to a triple threat on February 4. revenge day.

Dolin & Jayne are no strangers to big placements and title matches, but this is still a huge step for them. There’s not much chance Charlotte will be left with the tape, but they can show how far they’ve come from the underrated artists Mandy has recruited for 2021.

How they do in that PLE match, and in its design in the next few weeks, may determine the next move for the remaining two-thirds of Toxic Attraction. Jacy & Gigi’s got a major A-list look or two, so the company clearly wants them to take it to the next level. Will they do it as a duo in the near future? Or are they destined to quarrel after that revenge day before making any other decisions?

We’ll be watching the signs tonight.

The rest of the title scene

The main event wasn’t the only match without a single winner on last week’s “New Year’s Evil” episode. Earlier in the show, Bron Breaker kept him NXT Championship When Grayson Waller was counted out, but that only happened because the middle rope snapped on him while he was trying to climb them. So Shawn Michaels booked them in a Steel Cage match revenge day.

By defeating Tony D’Angelo (who turned a babyface by refusing to let Stacks sacrifice himself for the family), Dijak finally gets what he says he’s back in NXT for – a shot at North American address It is currently occupied by Wes Lee.

NXT Tag Champions There are also new challengers for The New Day, after Gallus returned and won the gauntlet last week over previous champions Pretty Deadly. To get into the match, Mark Coffee and Wolfgang beat Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen backstage, so those two teams will face off tonight.

There are no new developments with NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions Kayden Carter & Katana Chance, who are supposedly still trying to figure out who was filming them in the coach room two weeks ago. But since this unknown person or persons have moved on to shooting Scrypts in the locker room, maybe they can just focus on keeping their belts.

Other things to watch

• They’re not looking for titles (yet), but tensions between The Creeds and Indus Sher escalate with the arrival of Jinder Mahal. The former WWE Champion says he will teach the big Indian men how to win… once Veer Mahaan (Veer Mutual that his father had recently died; Please join us in sending him and his family a good one.)

• After Carmelo Hayes helped Trek Williams beat Axiom, and Williams helped Hayes beat Apollo Crews, the good guys decide to team up and eliminate the numbers advantage. We’ll have a tag match with these four on this week’s show.

• Tyler Bate will return tonight, as will fellow NXT UK star Stevie Turner.

• With his victory over Hank Walker, did Charlie Dempsey impress Drew Gulak (or vice versa)?

• Tiffany Stratton is back!

What are you looking for in NXT tonight?

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