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It’s Raw’s turn to rest assured that Triple H is still in charge of creation

Last Friday, Triple H led a meeting before January 13th SmackDown in Green Bay, Wisconsin. It was mainly done to reassure the blue brand roster that despite everything they’ve read in the news about Vince McMahon’s return to WWE and all the speculation going in and out of the company, Hitch still has the final say on all things creative and talent. He also indicated that the company had already been sold to the Saudis, and stressed that the sale to anyone would not happen overnight.

Today (January 16th), he did the same thing before raw in Cincinnati.

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful got the scoop again. he chirp That Kevin Dunn (Executive Vice President of Television Production, and longtime partner of Vince McMahon) and Dan Ventrell (Executive Vice President of Talent) were also present at the meeting. Dan was also in a meeting last Friday, where Fightful reports that he told the SmackDown roster that he’s worked with McMahon for 40 years, and Vince never told him about any changes.

So while, as Fightful and others have mentioned, Vince dabbles in things other than the shareholder value-maximization projects his press releases said he’s back to handle, the company line remains that Triple H is making the calls on creativity.

Evidence is that the letter doesn’t convince the team to stop worrying about McMahon’s next move. Do these reports help you calm down about the future of WWE?

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