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It’s time for a surprise comeback in AEW

AEW Dynamite

dynamite Broadcasting tonight (February 1) with a live show from the Nutter Center on the campus of Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio. AEW is less than five weeks away from the next pay-per-view on the calendar, revolutionwhich is scheduled for March 5.

The stage is set for Wardlaw’s return to AEW

See the main event tonight TNT Champion Darby Allen defended the gold against him ROH TV Champion Samoa Joe. Allen is practically running off steam due to his relentless January schedule for title defense after title defense, as well as a trip abroad to wrestle in Japan. Meanwhile, Joe is well rested and ready to go, having had zero matches since he dropped the TNT title to Darby on Jan. 4.

What makes this match so dangerous for Darby, besides the fact that he didn’t take time for his body to properly recover, is that it’s a no-holds-barred match. Anything goes, which means Samoa Joe can use any torture method he can think of to inflict as much pain and torment on Darby as he pleases. Samoan Sadie definitely wants to smash this asshole for claiming his title last month. Calling it Darby’s biggest mistake ever, the “no hold prohibited” clause provides him with the right environment to back up those words.

We already saw how vicious Joe can be when he came close to killing Darby in their first match in early December. Although Darby beat him to the title in January, most of the cards here seem to be lined up in favor of Joe ending Darby’s run as champion tonight.

However, there is one clear way Darby could win tonight, and that’s a surprise run from Wardlaw. Mister Mime has been off AEW TV since Joe injured him and cut his hair in December. In other words, Wardlow has unfinished business with Joe, and there’s no better way to repay him than by ruining him in this title match and giving him a powerbomb symphony.

Is this the way things are going to work? If Wardlaw doesn’t come back tonight, is there anything Sting can do to stop Joe from hurting Darby so badly? You will have to adjust dynamite To find out what will happen in the third match between Allin and Joe.

The rest of tonight’s lineup

Jon Moxley and Hangman Page also battle it out in a rubber match tonight, not too far from Moxley’s hometown of Cincinnati. And Moxley was whipped in their first match late last year. Executioner reclaimed his win on January 11 in Los Angeles and knocked Moxley loopy on it. Mox has missed the past two weeks as a result of that fight, but he’s back tonight. I think Hangman told Renee Paquette (Moxley’s wife) that he intends to fire John again, which is kind of a move. The winner of this one is wide open, so it will be very interesting to see what happens.

Jade Cargill defends TBS address Tonight against ex-Baddie Red Velvet. The story here leaves a lot to be desired, and it doesn’t help that Velvet didn’t win a one-on-one match dynamite or frenzy Since last April. However, Reid is confident that she will win this match and stop Cargill from continuing her unbeaten streak in AEW to 50 wins.

If Bryan Danielson can continue his winning ways tonight and next week, he will be rewarded with a 60-Minute Iron Man Match at revolution against AEW World Champion MJF. The champ is a coward who wants nothing to do with Bryan’s wrestling, so he paid Brian Cage a bunch of money to injure Danielson’s arm last week. This means that Danielson enters tonight’s match against Timothy Thatcher as a wounded animal, especially since Thatcher specializes in wrecking limbs. AEW’s doctor told Brian not to wrestle tonight, but Danielson does anyway.

Konosuke Takeshita always impresses in the ring but rarely wins dynamite or frenzy. The last part of that equation may finally change tonight when he goes with Brian Cage. Takeshita disrupted MJF’s plan to break Danielson’s arm last week. It looks like a match between MJF and Takeshita might be on the horizon, assuming Konosuke wins tonight.

AEW World Tag Team Champions The acclaimed “In Tag Team Action” tonight. These are usually code words to indicate that they will be facing two jobbers or low card players in a fast paced squash match. Looking to the future, The Gunns made it clear on Family Therapy that they want to take the belts off Max Caster and Anthony Bowens. With that in mind, I’d be surprised if The Gunns didn’t get in on the action for The Acclaimed tonight, perhaps forcing Daddy Ass to make a tough choice.

Other things to watch

– Kenny Omega has been off TV, reportedly due to visa issues. Will he be back tonight so that The Elite can officially accept Top Flight and AR Fox’s challenge to World Trios in AEW addresses?

– Chris Jericho finally got the most action over Andretti and Ricky Starks in a tag team match last week. How will the children’s faces respond?

It looks like Eddie Kingston wants to join the House of Black. Is Malachi Black open to letting him in, or does he think it’s a ruse?

– Jeff Jarrett, Satnam Singh and Jay Lethal defeated Danhausen and Best Friends last week frenzy. is Jarrett’s next move to challenge Orange Cassidy to AEW All-Atlantic title?

– Does the company want to pick another fight with JungleHOOK after getting kicked last week?

– Dustin Rhodes against Swerve Strickland and Mogul affiliates. I hope Keith Lee is ready to come back soon, because Dustin is in a world of trouble otherwise.

– Looks like Adam Cole’s rematch is going to happen at revolution. Will we get a clue tonight who his opponent will be?

– Saraya and Tony Storm are former WWE Superstars who don’t think much of their AEW origins like Brett Baker, AEW World Women’s Champion Jimmy Hayter, or Willow Nightingale. Which side will Robby Soho choose? he could ROH Women’s World Champion Athena join Saraya in the coming weeks? What does Hikaru Shida think of this situation?

– Where f*** is Miro?

what are you looking for dynamite?

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