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JBL perfectly embodied Baron Corbin

Baron Corbin lost another match Monday Night Raw This week we’re left honestly wondering if that made JBL one of the worst managers in history. After all, Corbin hasn’t seen almost any success since JBL took him under his wing.

JBL sounded positively miserable about it:

It didn’t seem like this was ever going to turn into anything more, but later in the show they got back together and we witnessed absolute verbal destruction:

“There’s no us. I’m the WrestleMania headliner. I sold out all the arenas around the world, and I had to watch TV. You change channel TV. That sound you hear when you enter the ring? These remotes all over the world change the channel to watch which Something but you. And I don’t care about you. I care about the fact that my Hall of Fame legacy, my championship career, was discredited because of you. The god of modern-day wrestling? You see what you need isn’t a cute little T-shirt but a red nose and floppy shoes because you’re a clown. You don’t belong. Close to me….you can’t polish a turd, I tried.”

the curse!

Anyway, here are all the videos from raw this week:

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