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Jen Thompson Bench Presses 147.4 Kilograms (325 Pounds), 2.25 Times Her Body Weight

Most familiar with the exploits of Jen Thompson, in the gym and on the lifting platform, understand that she is usually ready for greatness. In a career that spans nearly a quarter-century, Thompson often stands tall at the podium. In recent years, the athlete seems to have more first-place finishes than ever before. For example, between his last 16 competitive appearances since June 2021 – which sometimes included cameos in different weight classes – Thompson failed only three times. If one of his most recent feats with a barbell shows anything, the powerlifter seems inevitable due to sheer size.

On February 7, 2022, Thompson shared an Instagram video of himself get a 147.4-kilogram (325-pound) bench press during a training session. In a caption on the video itself, Thompson completed the press while weighing 144 pounds which means, for context, the lift was 2.25 times his body weight. Such body weight also translates into the 67.5-kilogram division, Thompson’s usual new category as a United States Powerlifting (USAPL) competitor. Thompson completed the lift wearing wristbands and no other support equipment.

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Thompson lifting his bodyweight is perhaps even more remarkable considering what it means for his potential competitive ambitions.

This bench press from Thompson is only one kilogram (2.4 pounds) from his all-time raw competition best. Thompson achieved the highest American Record press of 148.5 kilograms (327.4 pounds) at the 2022 USAPL Carolina Primetime competition during a third-place performance in the 75 kilogram weight class.

After noticing the ease with which Thompson completes this press, it looks like he will only increase his best in the near future. According to the post’s caption, Thompson plans to compete at the Arnold Sports Festival, March 2-5, where he seems to have the potential to break his own record.

In the official mark, Thompson holds the bench press World Record in the 60-kilogram and 67.5-kilogram categories. Thompson deadlifted 136.9 kilograms (300.9 pounds) at the 2012 North American Powerlifting Federation (NAPF) Raw Challenge for the 60-kilogram mark. Meanwhile, the athlete scored a 144.4-kilogram (318.5-pound) bench press for a 67.5-kilogram record. In the scale of the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF), at the 69 kg IPF weight, Thompson holds the IPF World Record of 144 kg (317.4 pounds). He achieved this record amid a second-place performance at the 2017 IPF Reykjavík International Games.

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Consistent with how his recent competitive pursuits have been going, 2023 could be another big year for Thompson. If the athlete is already dropping not-so-subtle hints of what he can do in the gym, another record could soon be added to his resume.

Featured image: @jenthompson132 on Instagram

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