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Jennie from NXT UK announces her retirement

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For most of the past year, Jennie has been mostly mentioned on the wrestling network in regards to her husband – WWE Intercontinental Champion Gunther.

Before the couple went public with their romance, fans who followed British and European wrestling knew Jenny as one of the most popular women in those scenes. Her Fashionista persona featured prominently in both Progress and Revolution Pro before the collapse of the BritWres boom following the arrival of WWE, and she was one of many signed to NXT UK from those promotions.

On NXT UK, Jinny was a staple of the brand’s women’s title picture both before and after the program’s pandemic interruption. But her last match was in November 2021, before NXT UK went on hiatus for good. After Gunther moved to the US full time, fans assumed that she would debut on NXT Prime or perhaps even on the main roster. It doesn’t. And with its announcement today (January 14), it looks like it will never happen.

There has been some speculation that Jennie might take a non-wrestling role with WWE, and that is still on the table. We’ll find out in due time. For now, we wish Jenny health and happiness in whatever lies ahead.

We know that she is not heading into the future alone.

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