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Jerichohausen debuted during this year’s Rock ‘n’ Wrestling Rager at Sea

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On February 2, Rock ‘n’ Wrestling Rager at Sea: Four Leaf Clover left Florida’s Chris Jericho.

While it’s not quite as big a storyline as it used to be – initially the storyline of Ultimate New Wrestling is on a big boat, it’s its second year of showcasing matches that have aired on AEW. dynamite – Jericho’s cruises are still packed with plenty of non-WWE talent, and they seem like a lot of fun for ocean vacationers and Chris Jericho.

In fact, they might be a lot more fun now that they’re a little more under the radar. Case in point: Last year, when the man who bears his name on the marquee teamed up with Orange Cassidy, he adopted the aesthetic and vibe of his rival-turned-partner. Or tried, anyway. Jericho couldn’t stop his rocker persona when the crowd sang “Judas”…

This year my impact was even more speedy Chris (although I bet it was hard to refrain from all those swearing). Introducing the very cute, wicked Danhausen and Jerichohausen team!

It sure looks like he has swearing gestures.

And if he wasn’t so cute, would he have been able to join Hacksaw Jim Duggan’s scissors?

Look, I tell you, it looks fun! I’m still not sure I can do the whole “ship full of wrestling fans” thing, no matter how much I love you all, but…the fun is tempting!

Next year’s edition, Five Alive, sails January 26th. For more information or to register for the pre-sale, head here.

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