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Jinder Mahal just debuted in NXT

Not only does NXT exist as its own small developmental promotion for WWE’s main roster, it’s also a place where aimless wrestlers from said main roster can go to reinvent themselves and/or get some work with younger talent. We’ve seen it with the likes of Apollo Crews, Dijak, Drew Gulak, and now Jinder Mahal.

In fact, Mahal took everyone by surprise when he appeared on the scene tonight’s (Tuesday, January 10, 2023) NXT “New Year’s Evil” special in support of Sanga.

Sanga appeared alone in a planned tag team match against The Creed Brothers. Veer Mahaan was nowhere to be found, but Sanjha said he would respect the match and go 2v1. Instead, Mahal arrived and attacked from behind, completing the bootstrapping of Creeds by saying Indus Sher “fights for respect…but I don’t .”

So it looks like Mahal will be running with Sanga and Veer for the foreseeable future.


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