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LA Knight doesn’t know what the hell Mountain Dew Pitch Black is up to

Bray Wyatt has yet to wrestle on WWE or pay-per-view television since returning to the promotion in October. This will change on January 28th Royal Rumble 2023 When he faces L.A. Knight in a Mountain Dew-sponsored The Pitch Black match. Because nothing speaks to Wyatt’s spooky supernatural horror gimmick quite like Mountain Dew, I guess.

During an interview on WWE’s bumpKnight was asked about the rules of such a match. He said he still doesn’t know what the Mountain Dew Pitch Black match entails, but he’s confident he’ll win regardless:

“As far as I can tell, Mountain Dew Beach Black at the Royal Rumble, I don’t even know what that means. I don’t even know what that is. But at the end of the day, does it really make a difference? No, it’s not, and I’ll tell you why. Because I’m going to get in there.” “Master of Mind Games. Watch everyone think Bray Wyatt was Master of Mind Games… Now Bray Wyatt can’t even count on idiots. So, the Royal Rumble, it’s going to be special.”

Well, no pun intended, I was kept in the dark, and who knows if it was by design? I don’t know. But Pitch Black, I think as the weeks go by, I hope we get an idea of ​​what it’s going to be. But I can tell you this, With all the grudges, all the feelings I’ve built up. Just from the fact that hell, you’re going to kidnap me and chain me in some wacky basement or something? Yeah, I’ve got a lot out of my system. So whether it’s Pitch Black, in broad daylight, I’m going to turn off the switch own it no matter which way we go.”

Do you think Uncle Howdy is going to spoil Wyatt when things go downhill at Pitch Black (via Mountain Dew) in Royal Rumble?

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