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Lacey Evans could have done this forever

I know there’s only so much time to go around on any given episode of WWE television but when Lacey Evans didn’t appear on last week’s edition of Royal Rumble Fallout, I immediately freaked out. She had finally made it to television after a hiatus and began airing all the vignettes airing her comeback. It was those stops and starts that made me anxious.

But then her music hit and she came back again to destroy a local athlete:

Credit goes to the ‘homegrown athlete’, Carmen Harris, who did her job very well here. There is something about Lacey that engenders the hatred of everyone in the building. Sure, trash-talking with the crowd and general air of superiority is totally unearned in this setting, but she may be about as close as we’ll get to Eva Marie’s levels of heat in the women’s department.

I, for one, greatly appreciate it.

And like I said, giving her back gives her hope that she’ll get her back for another game of squash next week. Hell, they can just let her do this forever.

Anyway, here are all the videos from smack down this week:

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