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Last year’s runner-up won BOLA as Chris Jericho made his PWG debut

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Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, a popular Southern California-based independent promotion, held its 17th Battle of Los Angeles Championship over the weekend. In addition to the usual hype around great wrestling (which is entirely based on the thousand or so fans and media in the Globe theater, since the PWG model doesn’t include a live broadcast of that with a VOD/DVD release in a month or so), this show of the year was popular because His appearance with a big name is not usually associated with the Andes.

But we have to start from the beginning, with the first round on Saturday, January 7th. Lio Rush was scheduled to participate, but one year after he was injured while competing in the event, he had to be pulled from it due to Nose fracture suffered in Wrestling Kingdom 17 last week. Rush was replaced by Bryan Keith from Reality of Wrestling for Booker T’s.

Masha Salamovich def Alex Shelley via installation

Brian Keith def. SB KENTo via installation

Commander def. latigo

Jordyn Grace def. Jonathan Grisham

Shawn Skywalker def. Aramis via installation

Konosuke Takeshita On Michael Oko via pinning. Widely described as one of the best match nights. The live crowd threw money at the DDT Pro/AEW and RevPro stars and gave them a standing ovation.

Titus Alexander Over Daniel Garcia via disqualification. Last year’s BOLA winner scored Alexander with the PWG World Championship belt right in front of the referee.

Bandido def. The Black Bull and El Hijo del Vikingo. A lucha show that also got a lot of Match of the Night talk, Bandido pinned Taurus after a Tombstone Piledriver.

The tournament has also been modified to allow BOLA runner-up “Speedball” Mike Bailey to participate despite the conflict that occurred on Saturday night. He faced fellow Impact star Jordynne Grace in their first round match on Sunday, January 8, pinning her after a Flamingo Driver. That gave us the following quarter-finals:

Konosuke Takeshita def. Titus Alexander via installation

Brian Keith def. Masha Salamovic via pinfall

Commander def. Bandido via installation. said Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Bandido was “hurting” to this person.

Mike Bailey def. Skywalker distances itself by hooking up

He gave the semi-final tag match a break before their next matches, with Latigo and black bull Achieving victory over Ray Horus and Aramis when Taurus pinned Horus. Then he returned to the tournament …

• Konosuke Takeshita def. Commander via install

• Mike Bailey def. Brian Keith via installation

The next multi-person match was more than a fill-in, it featured Chris Jericho’s PWG debut, who appeared along with the rest of the Jericho Appreciation Society. Accompanied by Anna Jay, Ty Milo, and Jake Hager, Chris Jericho, Daniel Garcia, Sammy Guevara, Daddy Magic, Cool Hand Ang def. Jonathan Grisham, Michael Oku, SB Kento, Evil Ono, Kevin Blackwood.

While PWG loved it, and Jericho reportedly did a great job pinning Oku & Blackwood through the match before scoring a pin after Judas Impact, it’s possible that this guy would take a spin on the wrestling podcast tournament since they worked a bit of the match while he was “stuck” in the action slow. This is a common indie bit, file BOLA tradition to match at this venue on the Night Two card. But it’s also the kind of thing that’s often considered pretty silly and in the category of things he’s accused of killing The Company, so we’ll see if Jericho’s involvement makes it a moot point.

In any case…

It leads to the big finale, the 2023 BOLA FINAL!

Mike Bailey def. Konosuke Takeshita via pinning

After that, Bailey positioned PWG as a place that wrestlers would want to perform because of the level of talent. He also called the weekend a win for Takeshita, who many expected to end the weekend on top. With his victory, Speedball got a shot at Garcia – the man he defeated in the 2022 BOLA Final – to win the PWG World Title.

In addition to the JAS match, Eddie Kingston worked commentary with Excalibur (owner of PWG) on Night Two. Don Callis was also in attendance, as AEW cameras filmed his attempts to recruit Takeshita.

AEW is in Los Angeles this week for a live broadcast dynamite and a frenzy Register for the forum on Wednesday evening.

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