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Let’s read more in this Chris Jericho tweet about CM Punk

After CM Punk quit WWE in 2014, there seemed to be some tension between him and Chris Jericho. After Punk signed with AEW in 2021, they weren’t seen together very often, but overall it seemed like they got along pretty well… until Brawl Out. In the fallout from Punk’s battle with the Elite, reports surfaced that Jericho had called Punk a locker room cancer, and promised other roster members that the two-time AEW World Champion would not be returning with the company.

Why are we rewriting this history now?

Jericho tweeted a fan praising his 2012 WrestleMania match with Punk adding that he always loved working with Chicago Can’t Be a Thing. But the fact that he’s being nice in public — and even tagging Punk to make it more likely that he’ll see his comment — seems designed to at least make us wonder if this isn’t his thing.

Is this an olive branch, the start of a fence overhaul that could get a proven dip in the fold and help get the company back on an upward trajectory? Presumably, we’re only a few months away from Punk recovering from his latest injury.

Or is it just a way to get people talking for the sake of getting people to talk?

tell us.

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