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Logan Paul helps Austin Theory retain the U.S. Championship

Roman Reigns held both the WWE and Universal Championship titles, and was the main eventer of the year WrestleMania The match became clear once Cody Rhodes won the Royal Rumble. But there is still an Elimination Chamber match to be booked between these two shows.

So they took the title of the best singles Monday Night RawUS Championships, and put it to the test Judicial Department Happening tonight (Saturday, February 18, 2023) at the Bell Center in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Austin Theory defended it against five competitors who earned their spot through qualifying matches.

Naturally, it was the appearance of Logan Paul that helped Theory retain his title, and Rollins’ latest comment after the social media star’s intervention.

Entry order:

1. Seth Rollins
2. Johnny Gargano
3. Austin’s theory
4. Damien Rev
5. Bronson Reed
6. Montes Ford

The order of elimination (and who was eliminated):

1 – Bronson Reed (Monty’s Ford)
2 – Johnny Gargano (Damien Priest)
3 – Damien Priest (Monty’s Ford)
4. Montez Ford (Austen theory)
5. Seth Rollins

Notes on the match:

  • There were no disqualifications in the match before the pods were emptied.
  • Reid was the first to come out and was treated like an absolute beast on his way, as all five other men teamed up to take him down.
  • There were multiple big points, and everyone who took part was made to look great. Ford climbed to the top of the cage and flew, and Gargano and Rollins flipped onto a pile of dead bodies at the bottom. This one has a little bit of everything.
  • Ford had one hell of a run and was clearly one of the best stars in the match. He’s had some star performers before, but this show will stand out. He should definitely be an individual star sooner rather than later.
  • They did a place Ford needed help, and that meant the door was open for Paul to step in. He gave Rollins the Stomp Award, and Theory took advantage of it to retain his title.

what a match.

Get complete Judicial Department Results and coverage of the entire show are here.

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