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Looks like Sting will be retiring this year

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Sting recently revealed that he is planning the end of his professional wrestling career.

during an interview with d magazineThe 63-year-old AEW star explained that he’s been trying to find the perfect ending to launch into the sunset on a high note. In some ways, it feels very similar to Undertaker’s Last Ride in WWE.

Based on the wording of the post, the end of Sting’s legendary career will happen in 2023. His contract expires sometime this year, and he’ll say goodbye after that:

“[Sting] He will not allow himself to rest. not yet. He’s chasing after the one thing that still eludes him in the twilight of his wrestling: the final chapter. The right performance to end a storied career. Moment, story –Something-Shade worked with his bosses in AEW to make it happen. And until he gets there, he’s going to continue to push himself harder than any wrestler his age.”

“…since then [Sting] Returning to the ring in March 2021, after a hiatus of five and a half years, he’s upped the ante, constantly testing the limits of what his sexuality can take. Intellectually, he embraces the compromises he must make to grow old: a lower place in the corporate hierarchy, the end of individual energy-draining competitions. It doesn’t help him sleep better the nights after wrestling, when he’s replaying sequences in his mind and narrowing down to the weaknesses of his performance.”

“His wife worries. So do some of his friends. But they’re also curious. They, too, wonder how Sting’s story will end…[he] He just knows he’s close. His deal with AEW expires sometime this year; He won’t say when exactly. When he’s done, so will his time behind face paint.”

“Whatever I do, I want wrestling fans to say, ‘This was incredible,’” he says. “I don’t want them to walk away,” he says, “that was embarrassing. ‘I just want it to be a great memory and then finally, once and for all, say,’” Farewell”.

Sting admits he already thought he had reached the end of the road during a match at Arthur Ashe Stadium in September 2021 when his body refused to move in the ways it needed to during a tag team match with FTR.

It is worth noting that Sting made his debut with AEW in 2010 winter is coming In December 2020, that’s when he signed a multi-year contract. Does this mean that his contract will expire in December 2023?

The bottom line is, the clock is ticking on Sting’s professional wrestling career, and it looks like he’s going to call it quits this year. Are you ready to say goodbye, Cagesiders?

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