You are currently viewing ‘Making it Maximum’ is a worthy successor to ‘Fashion Files’

‘Making it Maximum’ is a worthy successor to ‘Fashion Files’

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Longtime Cagesiders will know that I do not make the claim in this title lightly.

Breezango’s 2017-2018 YouTube/show-within-a-show series was a brilliance of professional wrestling. Tyler Breeze, Fandango, and their many collaborators—most notably Connor and Viktor from The Ascension—created a silly adult comedy that made the most of the inherently silly environment in which they found themselves (mostly behind the scenes at SmackDown).

It has parodied and honored other pop culture, starting with Law and order to Weird things… And in one great show, he gave us even more Twin Peaks Any wrestling fan would appreciate David Lynch despite seeing him on WWE TV. Through it all, everyone has done what makes the best tricks work. They are totally committed to bits.

Most of the Maximum Male Models team have had this last part since their inception. ma.cé and mån.sôör…well, they agreed to spell their names, and that tells you a lot.

Since Max Dupri left the group and became L.A. Knight again, however, the act has really hit its stride. Unfortunately, unless you’ve been checking the WWE YouTube channel on Thursdays, you’ve likely missed the “Making it Maximum” show, like MMM’s “Fashion Files.” But I’m here to tell you, you gotta get that right.

Instead of the spoofed “Fashion Files” network routines, “Making it Maximum” styles itself after the kind of reality show you’d find on Bravo. The main story focuses on Knight’s old character sister, Maxine Dupree, who leads MMM in his absence and is convinced the group needs a third form. mån.sôör disagrees, while ma.cé can hardly function in the world, let alone influence the agency’s policies.

The episodes were fine, but with the episode they dropped last week, they’ve finally reached “Fashion Files” status.

Where do I even begin with all the things that pissed me off in this video? Throwing in a Rick Martel reference at the start? The face of emotional constipation?

The 2:50 team meeting skit deserves its own post. I was laughing at the random “missing” things my teammates mentioned in their argument when I got swayed by Maxine directing LA Knight. Then the revealing shot of ma.cé wasn’t her lunge, but instead, she topped it all off.

Brennan Williams (ex-NFL player who makes this work after trying everything he can to make RETRIBUTION entertaining) deserves some kind of accolade in the final third. His reaction to his missing poster is another laugh-out-loud moment, and the excitement he displays after finding “Downtown” perfectly sets up his wistful delivery of the line about not deserving to be in it.

In any case, Watch “Make it Maximum”. Like Fashion Files, it won’t last long. But if more people find him, he’ll be around longer…and maybe get some TV time.

Despite this, I need you to please help MMM find her precious little boy. #WheresMace

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