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Mandy Rose says she was disappointed and disillusioned but grateful after WWE’s firing

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Mandy Rose’s first interview since being fired by WWE hit the screens this morning (January 10), and she and Tamron Hall discuss as much of the situation as the confidentiality clause in the former NXT Women’s Champion’s contract allows.

After explaining to Hall and her audience that pro wrestling is scripted but that doesn’t mean in-ring physique is “fake”, they first talked about Mandy losing the title on December 13. Rose said she didn’t know why NXT officials moved her match with Roxanne Perez from its original date (tonight’s episode of Wicked New Year’s Eve) or why she dropped the belt she was carrying more than once, and was shocked when she was told. But she admitted there was “some tilt” about what was going on.

Mandy claims she was never told the racy content on her FanTime page was the reason for her release, but said there was one instance where she was asked to remove the material and she did. When asked if she felt WWE’s stance on her site was hypocritical given the way the company presents her and other women on their PG programming, Rose responded by saying that she has no control over what her former employers think is right or wrong. If you’re looking for a barometer of mainstream public opinion, the studio audience seems to think WWE uses a double standard.

When Hall described some of what was going on as “provocative” and “hot”. Rose replied that Hall should not believe everything she reads on the Internet. Mandy said she posted “sexy” pics – just like I did Instagram her, but clarified that there is no full nudity and that she would never post anything “that would damage her brand”. She doesn’t think she’s been targeted by WWE, and wouldn’t say she was “wronged” by the company either, but agreed when Hall made it clear to ask if she was “harmed.”

“Because of everything that’s happened since then, everything happens for a reason. I can’t even say I’ve been wronged, because I’m forever so grateful for everything WWE has given me. So, I can’t just sit here and say I’ve been wronged or not…but I So hurt. No one wants to take that call that they’ve been fired from any job, right? So I was so hurt, I was so disappointed.

“I was so much more disappointed with everything I put in, but only the last year and a half. I was a 413-day champion, and you combined those two titles we just saw.” [the NXT and NXT UK Women’s championships]You are the third longest reigning NXT Women’s Champion. I’ve also created this must-see faction with two other women who I’ve really raised, and I’ve watched several women develop their personalities, all of whom are much younger than me, and really at the beginning of their careers. And for me, that was very important, because it was very rewarding for me.

“So losing the title was, honestly, a huge blow. Sure — I was very disappointed. But at the end of the day, my goal was what went. And that’s where I kind of got lost. And I felt overwhelmed, because of all the hard work I’d put in, And driving home from that, I had a lot of things going through my mind.You know, you always think there’s a lot of unanswered questions and all that, but at the end of the day, like I said, I love what I’ve done in WWE, and I love what it’s given me. The platform. For that I am forever grateful to them.”

Hall began advertising after this quote, after noting that the show asked WWE for comment and received no response. Mandy asked about the recent death of her brother Richie, with whom she was very close. Rose said she is fine after losing her older brother, and her release from WWE. One of the reasons she made this appearance was to once again thank the fans for their support, and to let everyone know that she was fine.

The confirmation that Rose made $1 million on her FanTime “in two and a half weeks” garnered huge applause. She danced around the question of how that compares to her pay in WWE, but admitted that it would “definitely take me a while” to earn a million from wrestling. This experience has reinforced the importance of controlling her name, image, and likeness, and she looks forward to controlling her brand and interaction with fans in the future.

Would you consider returning to WWE in the future? Mandy invoked the old phrase “never say never” here, explaining that if removing her site is a condition of returning, “it has to be a conversation.”

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