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Mandy Rose says WWE never mentioned “racy visuals” when she shot her

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It’s been about a month and a half since WWE unexpectedly booked Mandy Rose to drop the NXT Women’s Championship that she’d held for over a year, releasing her the next day. But she continues to draw public attention — and not just for her FanTime page, which netted her $1 million in December of 2022.

After appearing on Tamron Hall’s syndicated talk show, he New York Post Rose now helps tell her side of the story. WWE has not commented on their decision (File Mail He says they reached out again and didn’t hear back from the company), but reports say the company cut Mandy because the content on her subscription site became too obvious.

Rose says that’s not the message she got:

“I wasn’t told about the racy photos. I wasn’t told about anything else. I was told about the subscription-based platform.”

WWE contractors have been banned from having accounts with “third party sharing platforms” like Cameo and OnlyFans, but word was out that restrictions around those platforms had been loosened after WrestleMania 38. But those reports may have been incorrect, or at least incomplete.

If the issue was with the types of photos and videos Mandy was posting (her real name is Amanda Rose Saccomano), she and many fans and industry watchers are baffled by WWE’s hypocrisy when it comes to marketing the appeal of female talent:

“What is the definition of racy? A picture of me with two titles [which she posted to FanTime and WWE reposted on their site & social media accounts] – I was completely naked from below, which is considered a racy picture, right? “

Rose also said she would have considered taking down the site if WWE had given her a “proper warning,” but says she has no regrets:

“I am so grateful and humbled for all that I have done and created for the company [WWE]But in today’s day and age, there are so many other avenues and so many other marketing opportunities, why can’t I do both?

“At the end of the day I’m the only one watching myself and my career. Everyone in our business is replaceable – that’s right.”

scan the MailFull feature in Rose here.

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