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Mark Briscoe is officially All Elite, and continues with Ring of Honor

Twitter Tony Khan

It took the tragic death of his brother Jay and a lot of work by Tony Khan, but Mark Briscoe finally made an appearance on AEW TV last month.

His match with Jay Lethal to honor his partner and older brother was just the beginning, too. Mark II work dynamite Match Tonight (February 15th), victory over Josh Woods. After the show, Khan tweeted a sketch that officially confirmed his spot on the AEW roster.

As that photo reminded us, The Briscoes are not only ROH Hall of Famers, they are also champions of the promotion. Which is most likely caused by tk chirp Clarification of Mark’s future role(s):

Mark Briscoe will continue with us in AEW + relic in ROH, it was great having him #AEWDynamite Tonight, I’m excited for Mark to take part in the debut of the new @tweet television!

The man who owns both companies added a reminder with today’s announcement that ROH TV will return next month, as they head towards Supercard of Honor PPV in Los Angeles the previous Friday WrestleMania 39 (March 31). The Tag Title situation should presumably be dealt with along this path, and we’ll have a better understanding of where to look for future Mark Briscoe matches.

But for now, we’ll just give Mark congratulations on his well-deserved opportunity to work his craft under some of the brightest lights in the industry.

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