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Mark Briscoe will make his AEW debut on Dynamite after WBD’s change of heart

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Earlier today, Dave Meltzer reported on me Observer Wrestling Radio That Warner Bros. Discovery will not allow Tony Khan to use Mark Briscoe on AEW TV.

This was somewhat surprising, since all we’ve heard about the media company’s ban on The Briscoes was related to the late Jay Briscoe’s homophobic tweets from 2013. Despite his apologies, a large portion of the wrestling community attests to his overall character & demeanor towards LGBTQ+ specifically, that ban remained in place last Wednesday after Jay’s death.

Meltzer’s story on Mark has led to a lot of speculation as to whether there was something else behind WBD’s thinking, such as Confederate flag gear that The Briscoes have worn fairly regularly in the past (I can’t personally remember seeing them wearing them in the last 5 years or so, but Cannot find documents for a specific date).

Maybe we can stop guessing. Mark Briscoe will wrestle on January 25th dynamite.

after the announcement Meltzer tweeted He confirmed with AEW that the WBD had changed its policy towards Mark Briscoe. Moreover, the promotion will be allowed to honor Jae-un dynamite from Kentucky.

The Young Bucks revealed earlier this week that they had been in touch with Mark shortly after Jay’s death. Younger brother Briscoe made his first public comment since last Tuesday’s tragedy through a family friend yesterday.

Now, he’s going to be wrestling on AEW TV for his brother’s birthday tomorrow night.

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