You are currently viewing Mark Briscoe’s second appearance in AEW is reserved for Rampage

Mark Briscoe’s second appearance in AEW is reserved for Rampage


It took Mark Briscoe a long time to make his AEW TV debut, but now that he’s got clearance from Warner Bros Discovery, Tony Khan won’t be left with much time before his second appearance.

Two weeks have passed since the animated main event on January 25th dynamite, which saw Mark and Jay Lethal pay tribute to the late Jamin “Jay Briscoe” Pugh. in a loop frenzy Airing Friday, February 10th (and taping in El Paso, TX as I write this), the younger Briscoe will return to AEW.


Other than “we’ll hear from,” we don’t have much information on what Mark will be doing on TNT this weekend. Briscoe brought his and his brother’s Ring of Honor Tag Team Championship belts to the ring for his match with Lethal… maybe he’ll focus on the future? Both on his own, and with ROH Supercard of Honor PPV coming up on March 31st in Los Angeles, those headlines from those signs?

Whatever his older brother “chick” wants to do, he’s fine with us.

Plus Mark’s clip, this week frenzy It will also contain:

• Blackpool Fight Club against Cape Sabian, the Butcher and the Blade

• Jungle Boy Jack Perry in action

• Robbie Soho vs. Marina Shaffer

Ready to reach for the sky (and maybe something to dry your eyes out for)?

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