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Mark Henry, Paul White, and Jake “The Snake” Roberts receive job promotions from AEW

Mark Henry, Paul White, and Jake “The Snake” Roberts are three legends who were brought to AEW with a lot of hoopla. As the years went by, they each settled on minor roles on screen. Henry delivers the great frenzy The catchphrase, “It’s time for the main event.” His behind-the-scenes interviews have been whittled down to video packages in recent weeks. lite handles commenting on Height With occasional spotlights like Captain Insano. Roberts managed Lance Archer as the Death Slayer, but they were separated for a time due to Roberts’ health. It turns out that there is more than meets the eye to their job duties.

AEW announced job promotions to all three in the company’s community service operations in its rebranding announcement. The community outreach program will now be called AEW Together. Henry, White, Roberts, and Sean Dean are promoted to special advisors.

AEW Together will be led by Caitlin Borden, who is Sting’s daughter-in-law. This is wonderful. It’s Sting! Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. Borden is qualified for the role of Director of Community Engagement with a background in nonprofit organizations.

So great to see Henry, White, Roberts, and Dean in these roles. Wight commented on Sports Illustrated“For decades, I’ve been following the fundamental principle of giving back. That’s what this is all about. We want to enrich people’s lives. This is an amazing opportunity, and one we don’t take lightly.”

scan the press release from AEW.

AEW Announces Renewal and Rebranding of its Community Program: “AEW Together”

– The renewal includes restructuring the program, strengthening the strategic pillars and adding key personnel –

February 1, 2023 – AEW CEO, General Manager, and Chief Creative Officer Tony Khan today announced the company’s updated and refocused community outreach program under a new name: AEW Together. Going forward, AEW TOGETHER will serve as AEW’s philanthropic initiative designed to promote lasting positive change in every AEW market visit.

Under the leadership of new Director of Community Engagement Caitlin Borden, together AEW will devote its efforts and initiatives around four core pillars: (1) The Next Generation, with a focus on youth programming, (2) Equity, with a focus on human rights and social change, (3) Service, and Helping needy in the local area, and (4) wellness, focus on physical and mental health. Together, AEW’s efforts complement AEW’s commitment to promoting the physical and mental health of talent and employees. Borden and AEW Senior Vice President and Chief Legal Officer Megha Parekh established these foundational pillars with a renewed focus on selecting and serving causes near and dear to the hearts of the AEW roster.

AEW TOGETHER will continue its broad national partnerships with charitable organizations throughout the year, including KultureCity, the American Heart Association and Oceana. In parallel, the team will continue to develop collaborations with non-profit organizations and local organizations to support communities in need. AEW Together will also continue fundraising efforts and awareness campaigns for groups that align with the program’s core values.

The relaunch of AEW TOGETHER kicks off today, the beginning of American Heart Month, with a CPR training session conducted in coordination with the American Heart Association for AEW talent and staff prior to a live episode of “AEW: Dynamite” in Dayton, Ohio.

The following updates for Team AEW Together, who will report to Parekh, are effective immediately:

Caitlin Borden will serve as AEW’s Director of Community Engagement together. She will be responsible for driving the overall strategy for charitable and local activities, managing fundraising targets and overseeing team members. You will also manage the evaluation of returns, data and results, and work to secure and develop partnerships and implement activations.

Amanda Hopper will continue her influential work as Community Engagement Coordinator, and lead the identification of local organizations to collaborate in AEW tourism markets. Her role will include coordinating the logistics of activations, meet and greets, as well as managing all team communications channels.

Mark Henry, Paul White, Jake Roberts, and “Captain” Sean Dean were promoted to special advisors for AEW all together. In this role, they will bring their experience and passion for community relations to help identify partner organizations across the country, help integrate talent sharing and advise on promoting activations.

“AEW TOGETHER’s overarching mission is the collective struggle for a better world, and I am honored to lead this amazing team in our efforts to make a meaningful impact,” said Caitlin Burden. “With our roster of passionate wrestlers and amazing partners across the country, we have the strength to make a difference. We are excited to officially launch AEW together today, and I look forward to all that is to come this year and beyond.”

“Alongside bringing our fans the best product every week is our strong commitment to fostering a safe, healthy, and inclusive community through the power of wrestling. Together, AEW complements this by identifying causes that matter to our talent and supporting organizations in the cities we visit throughout the year,” said Tony Khan. “The team behind AEW TOGETHER will ensure that we make a positive impact in every city we visit through volunteering, fundraising, and helping drive social change.”

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