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Matt Cardona reveals the next step in his career

NWA Powerrr

Matt Cardona had a rough few days last week after falling short in title fights. He failed to win the Impact Digital Media Champions from Joe Hendry on Impact wrestlingthen failed to win the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship from Tyrus in Naf said PPV. In the bigger picture, these losses seem to have cleared his slate for a return to WWE.

Not so fast my friend.

Cardona revealed the next step in his career. He’s coming to save the NWA from Bully Ray.

NWA Powerrr

in the main event Naf saidCardona used assisted tackles from Rolando Freeman and Mike Knox, but it wasn’t enough to keep Tyrus down. Bully Ray sat in as guest commentator. He eventually saw enough feints and joined the fight to even the odds. This led directly to Tyrus beating Cardona to keep ten pounds of gold.

Cardona was furious backstage yelling about his BS screws.

In the last episode of NWA PowerrrMay Valentine inquired about Cardona’s future.

Matt Cardona: I’m trying to stay calm now. Because I’m angry. IM angry. I am very disappointed. Bully Ray pulled me in. You said you wouldn’t participate. Bachelor’s. I’ve known that all along. I have participated many times. And now I’m not the hero. Next week, Polly, I’m calling you.

I’ve got Odinson on the way. Sorry, Odinson, but my problem is, my beef is with Bully. I can’t think. I must get the address. The whole Cardona family should be here. And Rolando, what are you doing, my friend? I’m trying to give you your big break. I screwed up. I destroyed it. And Knox, didn’t he see the bully behind him? I am always ready. It wasn’t.

And now look, I’m here on my own, looking great, but there’s no gold, no title. Bully, I said I’m coming to save NWA. Me too. I save them from you.

Time will tell how long this story will last. It could already have been wrapped up in televsion tapings over this past weekend, which would still mark WWE’s imminent return to action. Or the feud could spill over into the NWA’s upcoming PPV on April 7th.

It’s not all doom and gloom for Cardona. At least he has the Jericho Cruise Oceanic Tournament to comfort him on those dark, lonely nights.

What do you think about Matt Cardona trying to save the NWA from Bully Ray?

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