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Matt Hardy is broken again

being the youtube elite

Other than appearing in the occasional battle royal, Matt Hardy hasn’t had much of a presence on AEW television since last summer.

He’s played a lot of matches dark And Height Despite this, with the storylines shown there and in other online shows such as being the elite (And if you’ve followed our man Manolo’s work, you already know this.)

A major motivator for these storylines was Ethan Page & The Firm obtaining contracts for Hardy and his apprentices from Private. Subdued by Page’s sway, Matt has recently been on the same page as All Ego – all while sparking a return to the broken personality that fueled his career with Impact back in 2016-2017.

on me episode BTE that dropped today (jan 16th)We have more than just a tease. Matt & Ethan met up with Brandon Cutler as the pair look to add members/replace Isiah Kassidy in the Hardy Party or Party Hardy, or as All Ego likes to call it, the Party Hard-er crew. Matt is excited. He and Paige are “hot,” but need a moment to collect himself in the bathroom. There he looks even more ambivalent, as he slaps himself across the face, before transforming into the broken version of himself…

Where do things go from here? And will Broken Matt remain an internet-only story, or will Tony Khan find time on TV for this fan-favourite? Follow-up question… I know we wrestling fans love the nostalgia, but is this still a fan favorite representation?

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