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Matt Riddle imminent comeback?

Back in early December of last year – and a lot has happened since then, huh?!? Matt Riddle was removed from WWE television via an angle injury. There were reports shortly after that he was going into drug treatment and a lot of other questions regarding various other personal issues.

Two weeks later, pornstars were tweeting about him and more drama was surrounding his name, enough that he posted a tweet claiming he was better than ever and thanking everyone for the support.

I’ll let my main man Sean Reuter explain a little more about the problems he’s running into:

In 2020, Riddle I acknowledge To cheat on his wife with Candy Cartwright at Cartwright’s Accused of sexually assaulting her while they were in a consensual relationship – an accusation enigma Refusal. Lawsuits Cartwright filed against him, WWE, and others over the alleged assault are finally ending Projection. Riddle and his ex-wife officially divorced earlier this year. WWE’s Referred to Riddle’s real-life personal life issues are featured in the story at least twice during that time period.

since its announcement kayfabe injuryWWE has not commented on Riddle’s status.

Well, today is Riddle’s birthday, and it’s also been nearly six weeks since the company announced that he’d be out for that period of time. WWE’s social media team made sure to celebrate:

The return of the puzzle imminent?

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