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Mercedes Moné plays a pit-bull in the film’s debut

Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Mercedes Varnado — aka Mercedes Moné and fka Sasha Banks — has always believed in her potential as a crossover star, as has her army of fans.

Her role as Kosca Reeves in the Disney + Star Wars show The Mandalorian It was seen as just the beginning President CEO career in Hollywood. Varnado wasn’t the overnight sensation some expected, but she’s got her first film under her belt.

In early December, before we knew she had negotiated her exit from WWE, she tweeted about wrapping up her first movie in Boston.

In response to a fan who posted photos of Varnado at Boston Celtics Stadium, actor and broadcaster Mike Messier revealed that the film was directed by multi-hyphenate filmmaker Tom Dinucci, who previously directed the 2016 revenge thriller. Almost a mercy:

report late last week from the deadline Connecting the dots and revealing more about Varnado’s debut, collective. Here is the plot summary:

…a group of righteous killers called The Collective is targeting a highly sophisticated human trafficking ring supported by a network of billionaire outcasts. With their backs against the wall, The Collective have no choice but to place their most important mission in the hands of a rookie assassin…

Mercedes isn’t a rookie killer — that was Lucas Till, who played Havok in Fox’s X-Men movies, and starred in the latest MacGyver reboot. Nor is she a part of the Tyrese Gibson and Don Johnson collective. Instead, she is on the side of those untouchable billionaire human smugglers, including her John Wick 2Ruby Rose as “the scheming general manager of this sinister secret organization” W.J the wire Alum Paul Ben Victor “Auctioneer to an underground gang of billionaires bidding for human souls”. Varnado is “Ben Victor’s cipher-wielding company and head of security, Nikita.”

collective It is produced and marketed by Yale Entertainment. No word on how it will be released (streaming/DVD/VOD seems likely, but we’ll see).

Who checks out Mercedes’ first movie, whatever the premiere?

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