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Mercedes Moné received letters from Triple H and William Regal prior to NJPW’s debut

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Ahead of the first match of her post-WWE career, the wrestler formerly known as Sasha Banks released a mini-documentary chronicling her debut for New Japan Pro-Wrestling at a Tokyo Dome show last month.

Titled “Mercedes Money Embarks On Its Next Chapter In Wrestling Kingdom 17Her passion for professional wrestling is so strong, and the excitement at being able to make her dreams come true in the business is so great, that she is moved to tears as she talks about it.

Moné reiterates a lot of what she’s said in other interviews since her debut in NJPW, such as how grateful she is for her time in WWE, but that she’s looking forward to having more control over her career. Mercedes was nervous about having her identity discovered after spending years as a “person” in WWE. Her exit felt like “death,” but the journey led her to Mooney.

“She’s become more of that Sasha Banks character – for which I’m so grateful. She was everything I wanted to be as a kid, but now she’s Mercedes Mooney, and she’s all I am. I’m evolving from a boss to a legitimate CEO, which is who I am.” it in real life.”

She talks about how most people leave New Japan to go to WWE, but she did the opposite because she wants to be in Japan. Mercedes now wants to take the brand ‘global’ and make it where everyone wants to be.

There’s a lot here for fans first exposed to NJPW as they follow Mercedes’ journey. In addition to the messages mentioned in the title (“And in the middle of the night too [when she became a free agent]I got a very sweet text from Triple H. And still – it’s crazy, I got a sweet text from William Regal this morning”) We got a video of her meeting with Trinity “Naomi” Fatu after she arrived in Tokyo.

Bayley and “Manny” (Samuray Del Sol/Kalisto) are mentioned, though we don’t get to see them. Mercedes meets up with her old and new friends ahead of Wrestle Kingdom, including Karl Anderson from WWE and Kenny Omega from AEW. And the closing photo of her is of her getting a big hug from Dax Harwood.

check it out.

Mercedes will face Mooney KAIRI for the IWGP Women’s Championship Battle in the valley Tonight (February 18th) in San Jose, California. Watch this on FITEAnd follow our coverage here.

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