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Mercedes Mooney proves she’s still got it in her first all-new Japanese game

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Her opponent, KAIRI, also reminded us that she is one of the best players in the world. So who left Battle in the Valley as the IWGP Women’s Champion?

Sasha Banks’ last WWE match was nine months ago.

At that time, New Japan created the IWGP Women’s Title, with KAIRI winning it Historic X-Over appearing with their sister promotion Stardom. Then on January 4 at the Tokyo Dome, moments after KAIRI’s title defense, Banks debuted as Mercedes Moné to challenge her for the belt.

That match finally happened at Battle in the valleyIt will take place second-to-last as a co-main event on February 18 in San Jose. Moné walked in first in an outfit inspired by Stardom’s favorite Hana Kimura.

The sold-out crowds in Northern California were excited to see Mercedes, but there was also a lot of support for the woman who wrestled in WWE when she was Kairi Sane.

Moné wasted no time showing that she’s not the same wrestler who came off Raw last May, mixing in a bunch of lucha-inspired pulls and moves she learned while training in Mexico late last year. As the match went on, we saw more of the moves we normally associate with Mercedes in WWE… and the attitude that made her the boss.

The Pirate Princess sold long enough to set up her return, a sequence that left both wrestlers out and almost gave us a double count finish. They each managed to beat the 20 count, with the champ remaining in control inside the ropes. Sliding D and a forearm from the top only got two, and Moné barely reached the ropes for a break as the match reached the 15-minute mark.

The challenger bounced back, hitting a two-man meteor and starting a series of near misses and false finishes from both wrestlers… known to use. A tribute to Eddie Guerrero followed with the Three Amigos attempt, but it was another Eddie-inspired move that made an even bigger difference when Mercedes pulled the referee into KAIRI’s Cutlass lane.

With the official out of it, everything was going downhill. It was Mooney who brought a table, but it was the champ who pushed Mercedes hard through it.

KAIRI managed to get her opponent back in the ring and came out on top at the InSane Elbow, but Moné raised her feet to fight back. KAIRI returned the favor by putting her knees on a Frog Splash. Both women struggled to get up from it but as they did, Mercedes made it to the finish that didn’t quite land in Tokyo-Maker Moné.

Afterwards, the two exchanged handshakes and hugs, then KAIRI tied the belt around the second woman ever to wear it.

If that’s any indication, Mercedes’ post-WWE career and push for the new Japanese woman should be a lot of fun to watch.

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