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Mickie James isn’t afraid of Bully Ray’s threats of violence

Impact wrestling

Mickie James was flying high after winning the Knockouts Championship with her career on the line Hard to kill. She didn’t have much time to celebrate before she transformed from a hunter into a hunted. This is expected in life as a hero. What was unexpected was that Bully Ray entered into threats of violence towards James Impact wrestling.

Hardcore Country was scheduled to open the program to celebrate winning their title. When she thanked the fans, Bully’s music played and he entered the ring. Tom Hanifan exclaims in the caption, “What the hell is that pile of trash doing?”

The bully looked at James and signaled her to leave the ring. The hint was that Bully had a message about losing him in Hard to kill, and was not waiting for it to be delivered. James began to speak, but Bully cut her off with an order to get out. She wasn’t taking this nonsense from the savage who took advantage of her. James was the champion, and that was her ring. The bully gave her one last warning. James did not back down and stood face to face. The tension was intense.

Before Bully had a chance to be a prankster, Tasha Stiles and Savannah Evans entered the scene. Stiles wanted a front row seat to seeing Bully pop James upside down. Stiles also trash-talked about James not being able to hit her. Boricua Badass didn’t care about other legitimate competitors. She wanted the next take. This led to a cheap shot from Evans. The bully went to get tables. Frankie Kazarian and Jordyn Grace ran to save the odds.

Enter the new Director of Authority, Santino Marella. He made a three-way match with a little help from Ernest “The Cat” Miller.

The match was a full gender brawl with James, Grace, and Kaz on the other side of Bully, Steelz, and Evans. Grace wanted a piece of Bully to test her strength, but Bully was fixated on picking his spots to attack James. After one hit, Mickey slapped him, so he added a second hit.

In the end, the little kids swarmed to clear the arena. James landed on the sitting guard to pin Stiles for the win. James’ evening will not end peacefully.

Enter Masha Salamovic. Obtained the position of the first competitor in Hard to kill. Salamovich delivered a death warrant to Hardcore Country. James was unfazed by the mind games and smacked him with a salamovich pie with the image.

Official knockout tournament match no giving up. James will defend against Masha Salamovic.

James has built up a huge list of enemies in a short period of time. Not only is there Salamovich, but Grace has a rematch clause in her pocket. Grace and James worked well as a unit in this match, however, Grace did not want to become too friendly with James after winning. It was evident that she had her eyes set on recovering the gold. No doubt Steelz will find a way into the mix very soon.

Most shocking was the heated interaction with Bully. That was a hot clip to open the show. While Impact doesn’t shy away from heterosexual wrestling, I’m not sure they’re rolling with that match. This does not mean that Bully will let go of his past. He can strike when James least expects it. And it makes me wonder if the seeds have been planted for a free agent Primo to return to Impact. I’m talking about James’ husband, Nick Aldis. That would be a heated feud against Bully.

In another work of Impact wrestling:

  • The show started in memory of Jay Briscoe. This episode was recorded before the tragic news of Briscoe’s death.
  • Santino’s night continued backstage. He chatted with Miller to reveal his idea of ​​a Golden Six Shooter #1 contender’s match to face Josh Alexander for the Impact World Championship at no giving up On the 24th of February. Santino selected former champions Chris Sabin, Eddie Edwards, Rhino, Rich Swan, Moss, and Callihan. Miller liked the idea and left with advice to Santino to follow his heart when undertaking this business. Santino walked to Dirty Dango for advice. Steve McClain was upset by his victory over Swann, and Swann was rewarded with this match. He advises Dango that Santino book him in exchange for McClain. Later, Alexander was happy to work with the new DOA, and Gisele Shaw asked for a Knockouts Tag Title match, so Santino obliged. She didn’t have a partner though, because everyone, besides Jay Vidal, hated her. Santino took on the task of finding a teammate. (Full details here.)
  • Deonna Purrazzo defeated Ashley D’Amboise. The newcomer gave Purrazzo a scare, but Virtuosa came back strong with a powerbomb and piledriver for the win.
  • Gia Miller visited the bowels of the basement of the arena to search for a PCO. When asked about Eddie Edwards, the French Canadian Frankenstein shook the fence and shouted.
  • Trey Miguel tried to bash D’Amboise with pointed compliments. When he took it upon himself, 73-year-old Mike Jackson stepped up to talk about respect. Jackson challenged Trey to an X-Division title match the next week. Trey accepted.
  • Killer Kelly defeated Taylor Weddell. Both women enjoyed the flesh. Wild suplex hit a German bridge. Kelly kicked the pin. Kelly grabbed a waist intent on her own German suplex, but Wilde prevented her from facing the roll-up. Kelly reversed to first. As Wilde started to walk out, Kelly moved into a Cobra Clutch choke submission to win.
  • Diner explained the 7-step initiation process for Callihan to get on board with the design. The first was to shave his head to lose his identity. He was second in the BTI when Deaner ordered Callihan to attack Delirious. This was an example of the following commands. And the third would be next week for Callihan to win the Six Shooter match and take the world title from Alexander. If Callihan fails, there will be consequences.
  • Steve McClain defeated Dirty Dango. McClain climbed by blocking a Hurricane DDT on the ramp to counter a rear body drop into the ring. Mr. Mayhem set up a spear in a tree of woe and then finished with a DDT double underhook.
  • Major players suffer from bad luck. Moose noted that it started when Brian Myers lost the Impact Digital Media Championship to Joe Hendry. Matt Cardona understood that Moose wanted them to do his dirty work on Hendry, but he also felt that Moose had a point. Cardona is coming to regain his title online.
  • Tommy Dreamer declared war on Bully Ray. (Full details here.)
  • Pit Battle: “Speedball” Mike Bailey defeated Kenny King. This match was more like a Kumite match. Winner by knockout or submission. Billy was trapped in a submission, so he used a stool to hit King. Bailey exploded and delivered a ferocious kick to smash the chair into King’s head. The referee ruled that King was out. (Full details here.)

This was an interesting fallout from Hard to kill. I never had Bully Ray deal Mickie James on my bingo card. That was an unexpected surprise that caught my attention. The bully is an equal opportunity prankster who has no qualms about hurting James through a table. This could be more than one night and could develop into a full story. Time will tell.

In the meantime, we’ll get James vs. Masha Salamovic and maybe Bully vs. Tommy Dreamer. I love how Salamovic sassy with confidence and also how James doesn’t hold back. This fight is going to be amazing. Selling Bully and Dreamer will be more promotions than match quality. We know it’s going to be scandalous. The question is how much drama they can use to attract viewers.

The pit fight was fine. “Speedball” Mike Bailey and Kenny King tried to make it serious at first like a real MMA fight, but the execution just wasn’t believable. Once they went to the full scene, the fun factor increased. I was surprised Billy used the chair unjustifiably. Although he has reason to hate King, he is still meant to be a man of honour. I’ll get it as revenge. This was a step out of desperation to escape from giving up. On the one hand, it sells the dangerous nature of pit fighting with minimal rules. On the other hand, I wonder if King’s point has been proven to have debunked Bailey.

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