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Mickie James reacts to winning the Impact Knockouts Championship

Mickie James has put her career on the line in her quest to prove she’s still the best. James created a Last Rodeo gimmick to provide extra incentive. Her goal was to climb the ladder of Impact’s Knockouts division so she could get a golden shot. One losing catch along the way meant retirement for Hardcore Country.

The big moment has come for James Hard to kill When she competed against Jordyn Grace for the Knockouts Championship. James defeated Grace to become a five-time Knockouts Champion. This ends the Last Rodeo storyline and the retirement clause when James reaches the top of the mountain.

James responded to the victory with a bottle of champagne in hand.

Mickie James: I knew it was going to be a fight. I knew the odds were stacked against me. And I want to thank you, Jordyn. Thank you for bringing out the best in me. The Last Rodeo may be over (a big shot of champagne), but there’s a new champ in the house. let’s ride.

James may have a short reign. Her next opponent is a killing machine. Masha Salamović won Contender No. 1 in Hard to kill via four-way win against Deonna Purrazzo, Taylor Wilde, and Killer Kelly.

Salamovich delivered a message, which I assume was in Russian. Daisy to you if you understood what she said.

All that matters is that Salamović is badass. Check out Slamovich’s work on his Monster’s Ball match against Allie Katch.

Win or lose, James is waiting for the pain. Impact’s next special event is no giving up On February 24th in Las Vegas. This would appear to be the likely date for James to defend the Knockouts Championship against Salamović.

Get the full results for Hard to kill here. PPV replay is available for viewing through Fit TV.

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